Your Monday Reading List – 8/24/20

Your Monday Reading List – 8/24/20
Aleatha Romig
Forbidden love…is undeniable.

When she was younger, like all little girls, Sophie Hawkins believed in fantasies. She believed in happily-ever-after and that one day her prince would come. What made Sophie’s dreams a bit different was that the man of her dreams wasn’t a fictional prince but her best friend’s dad.

Matt was handsome and nice, the kind of man every woman would want.

Time passes, and through the years, Sophie’s reality changes, yet her attraction and memories of Matt Hamilton never fade. Where boys and men are concerned, Matt remains her gold standard.

When his daughter was young, Matt Hamilton had it all: a family and success.

With the ticking of the clock and changing of the calendar, seasons pass and situations adjust. Business success remains, but personally, his world changes…until the day fate sets the undeniable in motion.

Sophie was a sweet little girl, his daughter’s best friend, and a ray of undeniable sunshine. That was before. Now she’s more. She is a grown woman.

Who can deny the undeniable?

Have you been Aleatha’d?

Undeniable, part of the Indulgence series of stand-alone steamy stories, will heat your ereader and make you hot and bothered. Undeniable is a fun forbidden-love story that will whisk the reader away to a time when fantasies could come true.
Drawn in Shadow
Ashton Abbott
All hail the Queen of Anti-Heroes.

She has lived a thousand lives and died a thousand deaths.

She has loved and lost, killed and dominated.

But she’s never been captured… until now.

Can she hold strong against this torture?

Or will Macha the Conqueror finally be toppled?

The Morrigan, great trinity goddess, has been dismantled by the Raedan Order.

Macha, goddess of battle and sovereignty, has been captured and given over to those she has harmed in the past.

There will be no mercy, even if she did lower herself to beg.

She would rather rot.

An ancient ash tree serves as her prison… and tormentor. It forces her through her memories to relive her most gruesome deaths and greatest heartbreak.

The souls of past loved ones haunt her… along with another. One that she had thought herself rid of, but that continues to torment her just as sure as this tree sucks the very marrow from her bones.

Escape is inevitable, she knows that.

But this forced reminiscing is tearing away the stability of her ancient mind.

Can she hold strong against the darkness creeping in threatening to claim her?

Or has she been the darkness all along?
Jessica Sorensen
My name is Remi and up until about a year ago, I was your typical, popular high school student. But that changed the day I died and came back to life. 

Yeah, you heard me right. I'm currently undead. 

Honestly, I'm not really sure what I am. All I know is I have super strength, am crazy fast, and am basically immortal. 

There is one tiny downfall. I crave souls. Luckily, I have a sliver of my soul left and feel a small bit of guilt over the idea of eating a good soul. 

Fortunately, my town is well stocked with bad guys, and I spend my nights tracking them down and feeding off them. But during the day, I'm Remi, the high school extraordinaire. Well, extraordinaire might be a stretch. 

But anyway, I had a pretty good system going until the day I crossed paths with a group of people that have powers like me. They're not the friendliest group and are threatening to take away my food source. Not to mention, Revenna and Thorn, the school outcasts, may have discovered what I am. 

So yeah, that's my life, one undead, complicated problem at a time.

The My Cursed Superhero Life series follows Remi as she navigates through high school while trying to deal with her powers, soul cravings, and paranormal drama.

Emma Edwards

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