Your Thursday Reading List – 10/10/19

Your Thursday Reading List – 10/10/19
Dragon Elements Box Set
Sarah J. Stone
Five of my most popular dragon romances for the price of one!


I awakened my soulmate after a hundred years of imprisonment.
It was love at first sight with Blaine.
I knew he was the one when I freed him and his dragon brothers.
The way I crave his touch is unlike anything I’ve ever wanted.
Blaine makes me whole.
But he’s got enemies that are after my life now.
I saved him once.
Now, he wouldn’t let anyone lay a finger on me.
I’m his to protect… and his to claim.


I’ve waited for her for more than a century.
Sarah is my second chance at love and I’m not about to let her go.
I was shattered when the wolves killed my woman a hundred years ago.
But Sarah’s soul has healed me.
I’m drawn to her in a way that seems unreal.
But the ghosts of my past still linger.
I’ll have to overcome countless dangers for her.
She’s the one for me… and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.


She’s the enemy… I’m not supposed to want her.
A dragon and a werewolf would be disastrous together.
But my blood boils when her family tries to force her to be with another wolf.
I’ll save Mary from such a fate.
Her hypnotic eyes and supple skin is all I ever think about.
My life would be worthless without her in it.
But she needs to trust me… and let me protect her.
Will she let me risk my life for her sake?
Or will her love for me come in the way of our future together?

I thought she was dead… but fate has given us a second chance.
Finding Marina alive felt like a surreal dream.
It also brought me back to life… and gave birth to fears.
She’s a feisty dragon.
Independent, smart, and gorgeous.
But I still consider it my job to protect her.
I can’t let anyone snatch her away from me again.
I’ll keep her out of harm’s way… even if that means risking her love for me.


My enemies think they can use her to get to me.
They don’t know who they’re messing with.
She isn’t aware of the power she possesses as a witch.
And she makes my inner dragon lose control to no extent.
My love for her is known.
I need to look out for her… to keep her away from danger.
Her journey awaits her.
So do her powers.
Even if those powers are a threat to me.
We’re meant to be together… as family.
And I’d do anything to protect mine.

This is a steamy paranormal shifter fantasy romance series with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Fans of Terry Bolryder, T.S. Joyce, Candace Ayers, Zoe Chant and Harmony Raines will like this shifter series.
Tracked by the Bear
Adele Niles

​All I want is to escape the city and focus on my art.
No distractions and no drama.
Maiden’s Fork is nothing like the city. It’s secluded, wooded and far from the city lights, but there are distractions everywhere.
They come in the form of big, strong, tattooed and over the top alpha men on motorcycles and rumors.
Rumors of strange things that happen in the woods. Things that make a girl curious.
The moment I get too close I know it’s too late and that the rumors are true.
He’s tracking me and I want to be caught.

Tracked by the Bear is an MC Shifter Romance with plenty of heat and over the top alpha love. This shifter book is safe, with no cheating and a HEA that will have you baying for more!

Kimber White

Liam isn’t afraid to fight for his liberation. Planning a secret uprising against a ruthless pack chief, he and his rebel brotherhood dare not claim mates for fear of placing them in peril. But when a botched medical supply run lands him on a fiery vet-assistant’s operating table, he knows with one touch that she is his destiny.

Molly has a stubborn independent streak. Though she’d happily be swept off her feet by the mysterious wounded man who ended up in her clinic. And even though he shocks her by revealing his shifter nature, attraction overrules logic and she surrenders to the passion blazing between them.

After Molly learns about Liam’s honorable cause, she’s willing to gamble everything and enter the battle. As Liam tries to protect her deep within their warren of caves, he fears their powerful connection will endanger the only woman he can’t live without…

Under a violent tyranny, can the fated mates reclaim their freedom for a chance at love?

Liam is the first book in the Mammoth Forest Wolves paranormal romance series. If you like tormented shifters, smoldering passions, and intriguing supernatural worlds, then you’ll adore Kimber White’s action-packed tale.


Emma Edwards

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