Your Thursday Reading List – 10/15/20

Your Thursday Reading List – 10/15/20
Defender Hellhound
Zoe Chant 
He's the only one who can save her.
And only she can save him from himself.

Ransom's out-of-control hellhound has made his life, literally, a living hell. His beast can reveal any secret to him, but Ransom can't make it stop. He's barely holding onto his sanity, drowning in a deluge of the worst moments of other people's lives. It even got him kicked out of his last refuge, the bodyguard agency Protection, Inc: Defenders.

But it finally brought him something good: a vision of a woman in danger that led him to her.

His one true mate has only a year to live.

After an accident damaged Natalie's heart, any excitement, from a car chase to a scorching hot kiss, could make her drop dead. But a life without joy is no life at all, so she embarks on a road trip to tick off every item on her bucket list before her time runs out. Natalie's more than happy to drag a smoking hot bodyguard (not to mention a pair of adorable teleporting puppies) along with her. Even though acting on her desires could give her a literal heart attack …

From a theme park called Tomato Land (it's exactly what it sounds like) to a terrifying reckoning with Ransom's inner beast to a showdown with a deadly enemy, it'll be the road trip of a lifetime. But he's not the only one with secrets. It's hers that just might save–or doom–them both.
Alpha Heat
Deva Long
Curvy and Kidnapped!

Grace Dawson doesn’t have it all. Hell, she doesn’t even have half of it. Her life is spiraling into decline and all there is for her is selling paddleboards on a Florida beach.
That is, until she gets a little drunk and wakes up in a cage.
Billionaire shifter Karl Norman has a problem with pirates coming to Siesta Key and kidnapping girls. Karl has other problems: his life is filled with danger, and he’s a werewolf.
So are Grace’s pirates.
After a pitched battle, Karl discovers Grace among the captives, and she steals his heart. But can Grace cope with the truth of Karl’s existence?
This is Book 1 of the Sons of Thunder Trilogy: A BBW Billionaire Shifter Werewolf Romance.
Wolf Land Book One
Fiona McShane
On the night of Bealtaine, Sorcha Moore shares a kiss with Rory Farrell, a kiss that makes bluebells spring up beneath their feet …

The very next day, Rory leaves Wolf Wood. Has he really gone to Dublin, or is he closer than Sorcha thinks?

The year is 1652. Ireland is known as Wolf Land. Oliver Cromwell's army has arrived. Properties will be seized. Land will be cleared. Wolves will be destroyed.

But in the small village of Wolf Wood, Cromwell's men face far worse enemies than in the rest of the country. The wolves here are bigger, stronger, more intelligent. Could these wolves be forming an army of their own?

Emma Edwards

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