Your Thursday Reading List – 12/3/20

Your Thursday Reading List – 12/3/20
A Wolf For Christmas
Toni Cox
A romantic fantasy to melt your heart for Christmas from International Bestselling Author Toni Cox.

Anchorage has always been his home, but a murder forces Logan to flee to Canada. Detectives Johnson and Moore soon find him even there, and, desperate, the wolf shifter makes his way to Juneau on foot.

But fate throws its deadliest terrain and fierce predators in his path. Fatally injured and unable to continue, he is brought to G.L. Jones Expeditions – a dog-sledging operation – and right into the arms of Kimberly, the family vet.

Kimberly is slowly regaining her self-confidence after a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, and she’s happy, now, with her family and her dogs.

When she gets brought this beautiful, but broken wolf to nurse back to health, strange things happen as the wolf regains consciousness, and Kimberly isn’t always sure she can trust her mind. Whenever she touches him, her body tingles in the most unsettling way.

When he looks at her with his glacial blue eyes, it seems he can look right through her. The more he heals, the more she is convinced the wolf understands everything she’s saying – and she wants nothing more than to talk to him.

But there are cops in town looking for a fugitive and a wolf, and something isn’t adding up. Kimberly’s protective instincts kick in, but she’s in for more surprises with her rescued wolf than she could possibly comprehend.

Logan is soon not only fighting for his life but for Kimberly’s, too.
Just a Little Elfin’ Around
Julia Mills
Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Season’s Greetings. And… bah humbug!

Christmas Eve is on the way. I’m the one and only Keeper of the Christmas Star, the Curator of the Crystal Forest, the one Witch in all the world with the ability to give the Christmas Star the special Brown Family whammy-abracadabra-hocus pocus to light the way for Santa’s yearly sojourn…
And I have a broken leg that just won’t heal.

We’ve tried everything.
Magic doesn’t work.
My healing powers are no good.
Even the great and revered Dr. Bombay, Doctor of Witches extraordinaire can’t get that pesky bone to knit itself back together.
Did you know that a Witch can’t ride her broom with a broken leg?
Well, I’m here to tell you – it’s a fact and it sucks.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Edgar, my frumptastic-but-lovable Familiar, a rather cranky one-thousand-three-hundred-and forty-seven-year-old Christmas Elf swears I’ve been cursed.
Can you imagine? Me? The fantasticness that is Ella Elizabeth Brown cursed? It’s just not possible.

There have been an inordinate number of spiders lurking about my little cottage in the woods.
I have been a little more klutzy than usual.
And my daily phone call with my cousin, Molly was highjacked by the Dragon of my dreams and it did not go well.

Could Edgar be right?
Could someone hate Christmas so much that they’d curse the Keeper of the Christmas Star just to keep the jolly old Elf with a bowl full of jelly from making his yearly ride across the sky?

Well, that just won’t do! This a mystery that must be solved.
My leg has to heal. I have to get the special cookies that keep Santa from gaining weight baked, cooled and iced. And the list goes on and on and on.

Time to pull out all the stops, whip up all the Magic, and swallow my pride.
I need help and it comes in a great big package with wings and gorgeous golden and red scales.

Christmas is not an option, people. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
I’m gonna need all the hope and faith and love you can send – and a helluva lotta luck to get that star twinkling, Santa on his way, and that Dragon right where I want him.

Hold onto your stockings, my friends. This is one Holiday story you don’t want to miss.

Another hilariously amazing addition to the Dragon Guard series – the Dragon Guard Holiday Love Stories just had to be told. I hope you giggle and swoon, laugh out loud and fall in love with these sassy women and their Dragons who refuse to be tamed. Can’t wait to hear what you think of this story! Drop me a line anytime! XOXO, Julia
Red, Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series, Book One
Tracey H. Kitts
Looking for a paranormal series to binge this holiday season? Like werewolves, wizards, and Dracula? The Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series has them all. This is book one in the paranormal reverse harem series by NYT and USA Today Best Selling author Tracey H. Kitts. Free on Amazon US.

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