Your Thursday Reading List – 5/23/19

Your Thursday Reading List – 5/23/19

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Piece of Dragon (Haret Chronicles Qilin Book 1)
Laurel Chase
All I wanted was some sugar.
When the ice cream didn’t cut it, I went for a walk, met a gorgeous dragon, and realized I’d been living a lie.

No big deal. Just another Tuesday.

Back to the dragon, though. Jack’s a candy-coated hot mess. He’s bound to the Ringmaster of the Underbelly Circus, and he’s desperate for my help.

I don’t blame him, but there isn’t enough chocolate in the world to get me near that circus.

Jack claims I’m the lost Qilin Queen – a magical freaking unicorn.
I should have run, but I never had a chance. Jack’s team was hot on his trail – lion shifter, mage, fae, merman, and vampire. They’re all from a magical world beyond mine, and they need me to help them find the way home.

Only a pure Qilin can find the Path, and these six sexy men think I’m the last one alive.
I think they’re full of shit, but I’m having a hard time dragging my eyes away from their assets. Oops, did I say that out loud?

I’m Carlyle Licorne, and I’m no innocent unicorn.

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Reverse Harem – one girl loving six guys

Medium Burn – harem collection over several books

Steamy – suitable for eighteen and up

Spell Breaker (Surge of Magic Book 1)
D.N. Leo
Love brings them together. Magic tears them apart. 

The last thing Orla wants is her childhood sweetheart’s marriage proposal.

She ran away from home, leaving behind dark magic, her family and a spell cast on her lover.

When Lorcan finds her, she accepts his return without being able to tell him about the sorcery that shadows their relationship. They love each other and there is no reason to live apart.

She’s a high-end antique thief. He’s an in-demand hacker. They share a happy life and great companionship. She accepts that life. But Lorcan wants more. He wants a marriage.

Once his proposal triggers the ancient spell, dark magic will find them. They can’t live without each other. But to be together, one of them will die . Their love story might sound like Romeo and Juliet’s, but they are not accepting any fate, and certainly not the tragic ending.

Surge of Magic is a romantic urban fantasy volume in the Elements Series. Although there are a lot of action, twists and turns, a happy ending is guaranteed . If you love suspenseful supernatural thriller with romance, dark magic, supernatural characters from multiverse, grab the series and enjoy the journey.

Born Of Sin (Book 1)
Deanna Richmond
The future can’t hold back the past.

Octavia Vail has no memory of her life before being found on a barren Connecticut road as a young child. The locals were shocked that she only spoke Latin and suspicious of the dead greenery and livestock that appeared in the wake of her arrival. Her only possession, a mysterious ring, may have something to do with it. And when the ring’s crest matches the one on a ring in a picture worn by a man who lived centuries ago, Octavia knows she must find out more about him.

Victor Logan Marchette, a vampire who’s lived for over 600 years, is the CEO of a Philadelphia hospital that deals with blood diseases. The first 200 years of his life are a mystery to him, but he’ll soon find out the horrifying reason why. Meanwhile, Octavia begins work as a nurse in the same hospital, and the sparks with Victor begin to fly…

But Victor is betrothed to another, a vampire from a wild clan, under the orders of the vampires’ governing body, Cabalistis. And when vampires in both clans discover Octavia’s presence – and the hidden danger she represents — it’s all-out war.

Born of Sin is the first in a thrilling Gothic Romance series. In a world of darkness and strife, the light of love is all that stands against it. And even for the most hardened vampires, that light… is the true meaning of eternity.

Emma Edwards

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