Your Thursday Reading List – 6/18/20

Your Thursday Reading List – 6/18/20
Witch Hunt
Layla Nash
Wolf alpha Miles didn't expect witch Deirdre to be cooperative after his pack kidnaps her, but when she saves his life, he sees the woman under the magic. He needs her in his life. Even if it means getting hexed – a lot.

With a coven searching for Deirdre and half the city wanting Miles dead, can they survive long enough to finally agree-to love?
The Challenge
Centuries ago, Allendra and Zaan, wielding the Source together, created supernatural beings they hoped would bring peace and harmony to the world. Instead, strife, feuds, and wars took their toll.

After lifetimes of watching her creations perpetuate misery and destruction, Allendra has had enough. She has been harnessing the power of the upcoming Blood Moon, and plans to strip every one of these beings of their supernatural powers.

Zaan, long estranged from her, returns to ask her to reconsider, but the Challenge she issues might be more than he bargained for…
The Lost Vampire Prince 
Melody Raven
Nicolas is the embodiment of royalty. Strong. Powerful. Deadly. The only thing he's missing is his throne.

Decades ago a vampire mutiny murdered his father and forced him into hiding, but all that is about to change. A mortal woman smart enough to learn the truth about him and naive enough to trust him is the perfect pawn to sneak him back into the monarchy.

Nothing is going to stop Nicolas from getting what is rightfully his. Not lust. Not love. And not Anna. At least that's what he thinks.

Emma Edwards

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