Your Thursday Reading List – 7/25/19

Your Thursday Reading List – 7/25/19
Ascension (The Last Archide Volume 1)
Chad R. Odom
The war to end all wars is a spark away from engulfing the world in conflict and death. With super-weapons designed for Armageddon, world leaders preach restraint, but prepare to fight.

Oryan Jeckstadt is born into slavery-the result of an Emperor who secretly punishes his enemies with a fate worse than death. He is thrust into a brutal, but wildly popular sport with participants known as Centauri. Knowing his father’s freedom is at stake, he determines to be the best in the world.

After being orphaned, Elesya Celeste trains as a Centauri. Constantly placed in Oryan’s shadow, she strives not just to outshine him, but to eclipse him.

Unknown to them, powerful forces are setting them up to alter the destiny of the world. Some want them to save it and others to burn it down. Who to trust remains a mystery.

As the uneasy peace disintegrates, countries use Centauri victories as political influence. In this high-stakes environment, Oryan and Celeste are torn apart even as they are brought together.
Forged in Stone
Alyssa Rose Ivy
The son of darkness is all grown up…

James is a Guardian. He is tasked with protecting the most important person in his world. For eight years he has done his job without complaint, but he has grown tired of living under the shadow of a father who is responsible for the most unimaginable violence and destruction his world has ever known.

Ainsley is at a loss for what to do with her life. She hates her two dead end jobs and the family who betrayed her. She has resigned herself to living one day at a time, but she longs for an escape from her lonely life.

When Ainsley finds James in her bed, their two lives and worlds collide. They may have both found exactly what they need, but the darkness James has been running from his whole life has just caught up.
The Vampire Affair: Part One
Vivi Anna
A sexy contemporary romance with bite…

“Vampire Affair is a fresh, delicious and addictive take on the (new adult) genre. Packed with emotional and erotic intensity, it’s a story that will leave you wanting more.”
-Lauren Jameson, author of Surrender to Temptation and Blush

Makayla Bradley risks everything including her first job as a journalist to get the goods on billionaire playboy businessman Jonathan Devane. A man who enthralled her from a single passionate kiss months prior in a Toronto nightclub. A man who makes her blood race and her insides throb. A man with dark secrets…

Emma Edwards

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