Your Thursday Reading List – 8/15/19

Your Thursday Reading List – 8/15/19
Dragon Fire Academy 1: First Term
(an academy reverse harem romance)
Rachel Jonas
Seriously? Four dragon warriors need to stalk my every move? I get it; they think I’m dangerous, but I’m only on their island to learn. Not to destroy it.

This is another unfortunate side-effect of being the freak who descended from all three supernatural lineages. The bloodthirsty dragons, the destructive wolves, and the disloyal witches. Some believe that, when I transition in a few weeks, there’s a slight, teeny tiny chance I could unleash hell on the supernatural world. Call me crazy, but I’d know if I harbored that kind of power inside me.

… Wouldn’t I?

My entire life, all I’ve wanted was to be normal. Hence the reason I didn’t think twice about trading in my crown for a stack of books. I’ve got three terms on this island to prove the naysayers wrong, including my chaperones—Kai, Ori, Paulo, and Rayen.

These four are gorgeous, but also ominous as heck. Babysitting me has clearly taken their focus off something they’ve deemed more important. So, now they go out of their way to make my life a living hell, with hopes that I’ll give up and leave.

Thanks, guys.

You could cut the tension between us with a knife, but what’s weird is I don’t hate them all the time. There are even odd moments when I catch them watching me. And not in their usual “wish-you-were-dead” sort of way.

Even if I survive the academy, there’s still no guarantee these four and I won’t kill each other before graduation.
Highland Burn
Victoria Zak 
Will Love’s Flame Quench the Dragon’s Fire? …
The past never stays in the past, it rears its ugly head eventually. James the Black Douglas knows this all too well. With a past that has left him vengeful and his dragon blood thirsty, his reputation as a ruthless warrior haunts his enemies in their sleep. As his allegiance stands with Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland, he must now repay a debt to the king and agrees to marry his daughter, Abigale Bruce. The problem is he doesn’t want a wife. When flames start to burn out of control between him and the auburn-haired lass, he must decide to either kindle the flames of passion or shelter her from the truth and set her free.
It’s What Shines in the Dark That Brings Forth Your True Light…
Determined to keep his daughter safe and out of the hands of the English, Robert hides Abigale behind the safe walls of a nunnery. After eight long years of living her life in seclusion, Abigale is finally set free. But her new found freedom comes to an abrupt halt when she learns of her betrothal to the infamous Bogeyman – James the Black Douglas. She soon finds herself falling in love with the uncontainable and haunted man. Is her love enough to soften his hardened heart?
Love Spell
Annie Winters
They say I’m an enchantress with no powers, no bloodline, no usefulness in this world.
They are wrong.

I might have been better off simply flunking out of college.
Back then, I was ignorant of how the world really worked.

That enchantresses controlled the fate of human love, birth, and death.

That dark enchanters kidnapped girls like me in hopes of siring powerful black magic.

I’ve been told I’m a Nix, the result of two rogue enchanters having a child outside of their bloodlines. That I do not belong anywhere, will never attend any magic academy, and pose a threat to the order of the universe.

But someone killed my mother, leaving my father to grieve.

And now the only help I have is a mean-mouthed ferret who thinks I’m more likely to blow up mom’s lair than create the love spell that would placate a dark enchanter and save my tiny family of two.

But despite my apparent uselessness, my wrist is tattooed with three names.

Caleb, who tries to fight the powerful attraction we feel when we’re together. To be with me means certain exile for him, but still, we sneak away when we can.

Merrick, who shows up when I need him the most, but can trust him the least.

And Phantom, who has never come to me in human form, so I can only guess who he might become.

I didn’t aspire to attend Love Spell Academy, or to ultimately control the balance of love and happiness on this realm called Earth. 

But one thing is clear.

If the enchanter world thinks I will hole up and disappear, they’ve never met a Nix like me.

Emma Edwards

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