Your Thursday Reading List – 8/22/19

Your Thursday Reading List – 8/22/19
Alpha and Omega
J.L. Wilder 
As Alpha of the Silver Fang She-wolves, it’s my job to enforce our survival code:

1. Obey Your She-Alpha 
2. Hunt or be Hunted 
3. Never Trust a Man

But now that the Red Claw are invading our territory, our code is being turned upside down! The only way for me to ensure my pack’s safety is by negotiating with the old-school Alpha of the Devil’s Wolves MC. But first, he’ll have to learn to respect who I am—a proud She-Alpha. 

As Alpha of the Devil’s Wolves MC, I ensure that my pack follows our code: 

1. Don’t #&CK with me! 
2. Never Kill In Cold Blood. 
3. Whiskey is For Drinking, Omegas are for Breeding.

My pack has been without mates for far too long, and with the Red Claws moving in, I’ll need to negotiate with the most stubborn she-wolf in the southwest. But first, she’ll have to accept who I am—her Alpha Daddy. 

18+ Only. Full length shifter romance with an HEA.
BloodGifted: The Dantonville Legacy Series Book 1
Tima Maria Lacoba
A serpent ring,
A cursed legacy,
And a vampire of her own weren’t exactly what primary schoolteacher, Laura Dantonville, wished for on her birthday.

What would you do if you learned you were responsible for freeing your family from an ancient curse, especially if it involved getting dangerously intimate with a hundred-year-old vampire?

Just because he’s a jaw-dropping vision of male hotness doesn’t make it any easier.

Or does it?

Laura is about to find out.

With only five years left in servitude, Alec Munro must bow to his sire’s wishes to act as Laura’s guardian … or risk slavery forever. But getting Laura to willingly accept him is another matter.

He has three days to win her over before she makes her choice.

Torn between two worlds, Laura must decide to which world she belongs – human or vampire?
But as a white-hot sizzling attraction grows between her and Alec, the choice becomes even harder.

Can she survive long enough to make the right one?

Or will her fate – and that of her family – be decided by another, unexpected source?
My Dragon Masters
Krystal Shannan
I don’t know how much time has passed. 
I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, I just know that two men are waiting for me and that I belong with them. 
My body burns with a hunger I can’t describe. 
I’ll do anything to find them and so will the beast that lives inside me.

FIRE AND ICE in the ultimate reunion story. Two men. One woman. More passion than your kindle can handle.

Let Sanctuary, Texas take you on a heart-pounding-toe-curling ride into a town of fantastical creatures and a war for world domination you won’t soon forget.

Emma Edwards

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