Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/29/19

Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/29/19
Kristen Proby
I am never alone. Not even when I am alone.
I see the unquiet dead, the souls that wander through the French Quarter.
They can’t move on, and I can’t stop seeing them.
I wear malachite for protection, and I control what I let in. It’s the only way to stay sane. Everything changes the day Cassian Winslow joins my ghost walking tour and knocks my world off its axis with green eyes the color of the stone around my neck.
An unspeakable evil is loose in New Orleans, taking young women and leaving a bloodbath in his wake. More shadows lurking for me. More unhappy dead. There might be a way to stop it.
Open myself up to Cassian.
If I do, it could spell his death.
But if I don’t, it’s mine.
Tricia Barr
Felicity Claire never expected her thirst for adventure and danger would lead her straight to the doors to Hell.

While New York Times journalist Felicity Claire works on breaking a big story about a viral weapon being manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, her plans get derailed when she’s assigned to interview the Devil himself.

Tired of Hell, the Devil has escaped his prison and come to Earth to revel in the pleasures of the light, eventually becoming somewhat of a feared celebrity.

When Lucifer turns the interview into a game of seduction, Felicity gets pulled into a world that blurs the lines between lust and love, between good and evil.

As passion, thrills and danger ménage in this story of revenge and redemption unfolds, can you resist the original bad boy?
Shattered Illusions
Laura Greenwood 
Don’t get in the way of me and my sai. At least, not if you’re a vampire. That’s a quick way to end up dead.

My name is Ashryn Barker, and I’m a vampire hunter. One of the best in fact.

I also have a secret. One I can never tell anyone else. When I look someone in the eyes, I can see their deepest secret, the one hidden behind the illusion they show the world.

My name is Ashryn Barker, and I’m here to shatter your illusions.

Emma Edwards

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