Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/8/19

Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/8/19
Dragon Meets Girl
Terry Bolryder
A dragon in the shadows just found the love of a lifetime…

Janet Dixon doesn't believe in fairy tale endings. Wary of men, she'd rather hang with her girlfriends or alone with a good book than risk being hurt. But she wasn't planning for Xander, with his tall, incredible body and cocky, irresistible charm. Everyone knows Xander could have anyone he wanted, so why are his vivid blue eyes pinned only on her?

Women can't resist Xander, with his bad boy good looks and natural charisma. But as a powerful dragon shifter, Xander only wants his mate. Janet might push him away, but Xander can see how much she needs someone to take care of her. Someone to protect her, and hold her, and show her that the all-consuming love in the books she reads can be hers, if only she'll just say yes.

Janet can't help but be slowly won over by Xander's generous lovemaking, big, warm arms, and protective nature. But Xander doesn't know how to tell her what he is, or what to do when forces beyond his strength bare down on them, threatening to collapse their new future.
Savage Hunger
Terry Spear

Book 1 in the Heart of the Jaguar Series

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has captured hearts worldwide by wrapping the realities of nature into the glorious romance of the wild. Now, she turns her award-winning imagination from the sexy werewolf hunt to the intense sizzle of jaguar shape-shifters.

As a jaguar he is graceful and gorgeous…

Speedy and stealthy…
Fierce, independent, and wild…

As a man he is passionate and powerful…

Willful and wonderful…
And he'll stop at nothing to protect what's his…

Bound by a Dragon
Linda K. Hopkins

What is a dragon without a maiden?

Keira and her mother disagree over what makes a good husband, but the truth is, prospects in her village are slim. So when Aaron Drake arrives in the village and sets his sights on her, she cannot help but be interested. It's not just his handsome looks or easy confidence that captures her attention, but rather an air of otherness. Something that sets him apart.

But Aaron is not the only new arrival. A fire-breathing dragon has taken up residence in the surrounding mountains, and the villagers are certain that it is just a matter of time before the creature destroys them all. There is more to the creature than meets the eye, however, and when danger comes it is not from the dragon, but from one of their own. But it is Keira's heart that is most at risk, and she must decide if she can pay the price that love demands.

Bound by a Dragon is the first book in The Dragon Archives, a paranormal fantasy that will take you on an epic journey through medieval castles and lairs. Awarded the Indie BRAG Award, it will keep you engrossed to the very last page.


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