Your Tuesday Reading List – 4/30/19

Your Tuesday Reading List – 4/30/19
The Shifter Bachelor
Shai August
Imani has always wanted to be just member of her herd but with her overbearing matriarch mother and grandmother; she’s never been given much of a chance. When Imani accepts a job several states away from the rest of her family the only thing on her mind is proving that she can be independent and more than just a breeder for the Herd.

Ansel is under constant pressure to mate and have children, many many children as his shifter race is on the verge of extinction. So much pressure, that his mother is hosting an open competition to meet and mate the sexy Alpha. Unfortunately, more than single shifter ladies are after Ansel.

After meeting Imani, Ansel is convinced that the only woman he wants to mate with is Imani.

Stealing Joy
Lulu M Sylvian
Welcome to Wet Waterfalls, a minuscule magical municipality hidden in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.
Sometimes the scariest demons disguise themselves as someone you love. I learned that the hard way. I got out with my life, barely.
I rescued myself from one danger, only to throw myself into another. I would have never survived a night in the woods on the side of a mountain if Doggo hadn’t shown up and brought his friends.
Now I’m in protective custody, and for some reason these crazy hot men are my self-appointed bodyguards. I’d like the tall one, Gage, to do a bit more than just guard my body, but Doggo—his real name is Max—might have something to say about that. Apparently, he has claimed me.
The only explanation Gage will give me is, “Monsters are real, and love is magic.” I have to wait for the new moon to find out the rest.
Stealing Joy is the sexy hot menage beginning to the Wolves of Wet Waterfalls, a reverse harem trilogy.
Tiger Mate
Anastasia Wilde
A Dangerous Secret…
As a half-breed wolf shifter, Sophia has spent her whole life convincing her pack that her tiger side doesn’t exist. Only her adopted father, Nash Jenkins, knows the truth: that it’s a dangerous, out-of-control monster—a ticking time bomb that he plans to use to destroy the Silverlake wolf pack from the inside.

A Deal Breaker…
Whether it’s stopping a war or cutting a business deal, Jesse Travis is the Silverlake pack’s go-to negotiator. Negotiating a mating contract between his pack’s Enforcer and the daughter of the powerful Nashville alpha looks like a slam dunk—until Jesse and his wolf fall for Sophia like a ton of bricks.

A Deadly Threat…
No man has ever made Sophia feel the way Jesse does. But if she tells him the truth and turns against her father, Nash will out her as a rogue tiger and give her to the Shifter Council to be put down. So when unexpected danger drives Sophia’s wild side to the surface, Jesse has to tame her tiger and convince her to become the woman he knows she can be—or die trying.

Emma Edwards

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