Your Tuesday Reading List – 5/19/20

Your Tuesday Reading List – 5/19/20
Dragon Triplets
J.L. Wilder
In New York City’s Shifter society, a human omega is the ultimate prize.

Dragon Triplets:
We’ve been waiting for her.
The one who can create the next generation of triplet alphas.
We’ll do what it takes to charm her.
We’ll do what it takes to protect her.
And we will claim her. One by one.
Even if it starts a war.
A human omega, is the only one that can satisfy our desires.

The Human Omega:
My life is officially insane.
First, I can hear people’s thoughts.
Second my ex-boyfriend pulled me into his dark world of crime.
Then I escaped to New York City, where a very powerful shifter kidnaps me.
Now I’m being rescued by sexy dragons. Identical ones.
One by one, three triplet brothers have saved me.
They tell me I’m an omega. Their destiny.
All I know is that they make me lose control.
To Seduce a Witch's Heart
Nadine Mutas
Her last hope of finding her sister is an irreverent demon—if she can control him…

Witch Merle MacKenna needs a provocatively charming demon—whom she must keep in check—about as much as she needs a hole in the head.

And yet, here she finds herself bound to a demon with a shady past who’s as hot as he is annoying, all so he can find her captured sister.

He better track down the kidnapper fast, before he drives her insane. Or worse…steals her heart.

Rhun lost any care for others in the magical prison of the Shadows. So when Merle unleashes him to help her, his plan is simple: seduce the sexy witch, steal her powers so she can’t bind him again, and be on his merry way.

Much to his dismay, though, there’s a fatal flaw in his plan—the witch makes him want to keep her.

And that would be a disaster.

If you love sizzling hot enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance with a snarky hero, a stubborn heroine, and lots of hilarious banter, this book is for you!
Fated For The Bear
Mina Carter  
Girl meets boy = classic love story. Girl meets bear… Wait, what?
Kacie has always known there was something odd about the small town of Beauty, but she doesn't expect that oddity to almost claim her life or land her in the arms of her long-term crush; hot veteran Dean. Okay, he's nuts but she can't argue with that, not with a body like his or when he's whispering things like ‘fated' and ‘destiny'. Even if he does claim to be a werebear…
She's his mate, but she's human. He's so screwed…
Leader of the Beauty bear clan, Dean is between a rock and a hard place. His fated mate is human but he daren't claim her. The elitist asshats in the clan would have kittens. But when an attack brings her over into the bear world, he's out of time and out of options. Even worse, the town has an rogue bear problem and internal clan politics that put Kacie in the crossfire.
Forced to fight battles on all fronts, Dean must bear up or risk losing her forever…

Emma Edwards

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