Your Tuesday Reading List – 8/6/19

Your Tuesday Reading List – 8/6/19
Her Photographer Phoenix
Alice Summerfield
Keris Island is one of the most dangerous places on Earth – and the only known nesting site of the firebird. Researcher Dr. Ellis Hale is willing to risk everything – even her life – to uncover the secret lives of the firebirds that she loves.

Phoenix and photographer Benton Hwong has traveled the world in search of two things: memorable moments and his fated mate. He doesn’t want – or need – anything else. When he takes an assignment to film the firebirds’ breeding season on Lake Keris, Benton expects to find adventure, not the love of his every life. Sparks fly, and soon it isn’t just the firebirds dancing around each other on the banks of Lake Keris.

Benton is willing to become the man that Ellis needs, but can he save his curve storm dragon from a grisly end? Or will she give it all to protect her beloved firebirds?
A Dark Kiss of Rapture
Sylvia Day
Of all the Fallen, Raze’s hungers are some of the darkest and most insatiable. His brazen seductions cost him his wings, leaving him soulless and immortal, the most dangerous of seducers. He has roamed the earth for eons, hunting the rogues of his kind and protecting the humans who provide him with blood and sex. He is content with his life and the transient pleasures that flow through it… until one night and one woman change everything.

Kimberly McAdams is smart, beautiful, and wealthy. She can have any man she wants, but the moment she sets eyes on the lethally stunning Raze she knows he’s the man she needs. As one searingly erotic night burns into something deeper and far more vital than either of them expected, an adversary from Raze’s past sees a chance for revenge. Twisted by hatred, she will take from Raze what was taken from her—the precious gift of love.
Crave To Conquer
Zoey Ellis
He conquered an empire – and she's next.

The most savage Alpha in the land is relentlessly searching for his Omega.

And she's hiding right under his nose.

Arrogant ruler, Drocco, enlists Cailyn to help him find a mate — but he yearns to dominate her.

Knowing her life would be over if he ever discovered she was an Omega, Cailyn is trapped.

She came for his secrets, prepared for his wild nature, but not for the effect he would have on her.

Their irresistible attraction puts them both at risk… and everything they thought they knew is changed forever.

Emma Edwards

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