Your Wednesday Reading List – 1/22/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 1/22/20
Unearthing the Fae King: Bramble's Edge Academy Year 1
Brenda Trim
Welcome to Bramble’s Edge Academy. a university where Fae hone their elemental powers. Sounds exactly like what a powerful being needs, right?

If only things were that simple. Like many over the past decade, Ryker has no desire to attend Bramble’s Edge Academy and fights when the Collectors come to take him to the school. His escape attempt ends in disaster, leaving him incapacitated in the middle of the quad with battered wings and an unwanted attraction to Maurelle.

The sexy female comes with more than he can afford. Too much negative attention. And a smile that makes him forget his name.

Ryker reluctantly develops a friendship with Maurelle after they are repeatedly thrown together. While attending classes and trying to keep their heads down, the pair discovers a plot to poison the students, as well as the Headmistress’s secret group of assassins.

With their friends’ lives on the line, they sneak into the Edge and unearth the fact that he’s the heir to the Fae throne. Nothing like adding complications to their already precarious situation.

Dangers rise, leaving Ryker with the decision of whether or not to reveal he survived the murder of his parents decades ago. Problem is the fallout will bring more casualties than he can live with.
A Nurse for the Wolfman
Eve Langlais 
An exciting new romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Eve Langlais that is sure to thrill and chill.

What happens when a nurse falls for the wolfman?

The job offer is a dream come true. Three times her usual salary. Free meals and a suite. The only catch? Margaret can't tell anyone about it.

Hidden in the Rockies, the clinic is well protected and…odd. It doesn't take her long to realize the doctors and scientists are up to no good. Especially once she meets Luke.

Her patient is an angry man who used to be a soldier. Now, he's something else. A savage beast with gentle eyes that glow green when he's agitated.

What has he become?

And will she be next?
Magnolia Mystic
Lisa Kessler 
Skye Olson is a psychic like her mother, and her grandmother before her, but a bad break up with the man she thought was her soulmate has left her confidence in her abilities shaken. While she's in crisis, a real estate tycoon from Atlanta swoops in with his eyes on her shop.

Colton Hayes spent his mortal life plundering royal ships with his pirate crew, but one holy relic changed everything. Now he and the rest of the crew protect the port of Savannah from their captain who traded his cutlass for a fountain pen.

When Colton discovers the captain wants to build a hotel in the heart of historic Savannah, he sets out to stop him, but nothing could prepare him for the sexy smile and violet eyes of the Magnolia Mystic.

Emma Edwards

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