Your Wednesday Reading List – 1/27/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 1/27/20
Rock This Wolf
Gaja J. Kos
Vamps, wolves, and rock’n’roll!

When her night off at her favorite band’s concert turns into a chilling murder investigation, ICRA Agent Gina Brent would like nothing more than to distance herself from the case.

The mere thought of keeping an eye on the delectable rockabilly singer whose fan ended up drained and dead by the backstage door triggers Gina’s flight response—except her connection to Aric Sutter is precisely why her boss believes she’s the right wolf for the job.

Of course, the man has no idea about the massive crush she’s had on the hotter-than-sin vampire for years.

Post-show chats are one thing, but spending time in the singer’s proximity beyond the safety net of a crowded afterparty threatens to take a toll on Gina's composure. Especially since she can’t shake the feeling that the alluring darkness behind the vamp’s fanged smile might be lethal for more than just her werewolf heart.

Urban fantasy meets rockstar romance in the suspenseful new series by USA Today bestselling author Gaja J. Kos fans of Kim Harrison, J.R. Ward, and Chloe Neill are certain to adore!
Not His Werewolf
Annie Nicholas
Welcome to New Port where shifters, witches, and vampires live openly next to humans working jobs, ordering take-out from the blood bank, and looking for love in all the wrong places.

After being disowned and labelled human because she can’t shift, Betty Newman rescues unwanted dogs to fulfill her need for pack. Being rejected by her birth pack was enough pain for a lifetime and she’ll do anything to avoid subjecting herself to their prejudices.

Things change when Ken Birch wakes in her kennel still in wolf form and declares she’s his soul mate. His presence wakes her feral heart and makes her long for a life she can’t have. Old wounds are opened and she refuses to listen to instinct.

But only a shifter can be a soul mate and now her life is in danger by New Port’s pack. Either Betty learns to shift or she dies. Problem is the only one willing to help is Ken, the last person she wants.
Kimber White
An alpha wolf shifter. An underground resistance. Will he risk the devotion of his fated mate to free his people and defend his birthright?
Liam isn’t afraid to fight for his liberation. Planning a secret uprising against a ruthless pack chief, he and his rebel brotherhood dare not claim mates for fear of placing them in peril. But when a botched medical supply run lands him on a fiery vet-assistant’s operating table, he knows with one touch that she is his destiny.
Molly has a stubborn independent streak. Though she’d happily be swept off her feet by the mysterious wounded man who ended up in her clinic. And even though he shocks her by revealing his shifter nature, attraction overrules logic and she surrenders to the passion blazing between them.
After Molly learns about Liam’s honorable cause, she’s willing to gamble everything and enter the battle. As Liam tries to protect her deep within their warren of caves, he fears their powerful connection will endanger the only woman he can’t live without…
Under a violent tyranny, can the fated mates reclaim their freedom for a chance at love?

Emma Edwards

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