Your Wednesday Reading List – 10/28/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 10/28/20
Into The Light
Katherine Hastings
All he wanted was her blood… then her whole heart started coming with it.

Broke. That’s what I was after my husband ran off with another woman. Not just my heart, either. My bank account took the hit, too. Thanks to the debt he left behind, I struggled to get by while I pieced my life back together. Until I’m made an offer I can’t refuse.

Five million dollars, and all I have to give is five years of my life as a blood donor – to a vampire.

It was supposed to be a business transaction. Simple. Easy. He gets my blood; I get his money.

I should have known better.

I wasn’t the only one broken. Except, the truth was, with him around… I didn’t feel broken anymore. When the truth comes to life, when there are more than just two options, we both have a choice to make. He can either join me in the light, or I can embrace the darkness.
Alyssa Drake
Loyalty and love are pitted against each other when a cursed man is forced to choose between family obligation and the possibility of happiness.

Dumped, robbed, and heartbroken, Violet pawns her engagement ring and heads south to be the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding. When Julien interrupts a moment of private agony to comfort her, she finds herself drawn to the unusual man.

Punished for a crime he never committed, and trapped for one hundred years in the same house with his brothers, Julien Dalcour is a bitter shadow of his former self. However, when he meets Violet, his desire to break his ghostly affliction is rekindled.

But someone must pay for the crimes committed by the Dalcour family, and that someone has no intention of accepting punishment. When Julien vanishes, Violet is left to defend herself against a sinister force who intends to write her into this tragic supernatural tale.
Soul of a Warrior
Denna Holm
Abandoned on a hostile alien world, three friends and a feisty tabby cat are forced to find their own way back home again..

When she meets a handsome blond stranger at work one night, little did Kimi know she would be thrown into the middle of a centuries-long battle between two powerful vampires. Her new mate is slow to accept their union, leaving Kimi and her friends vulnerable to his enemy.

Neyvarre was a fool to turn and walk away from his mate. When she is abducted from Earth, he is given no choice but to enlist the aid of another Hunter to help track her down. He only prays his mate won’t hate him for what his enemy has done. Or hate him for not protecting her.

Emma Edwards

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