Your Wednesday Reading List – 10/9/19

Your Wednesday Reading List – 10/9/19
Winter King
JS Dark
His court is dying, and she's his only hope …

Monsters of the Tywyll Forest have poisoned the Winter Court, unleashing a prophecy that demands a human sacrifice to save the withering land. Willing to do whatever it takes to save his people, King Cadewyn of the Winter Court ventures to the human world in search of one insignificant life to claim…

Amber was used to her life being in shambles, but getting kidnapped and whisked off to a magical fae realm was a new low, even for her. While feeling drawn to the fae King by a sizzling attraction, her apprehension builds to a panic over why he brought her there.

When Cade discovers that Amber is his mate, can he still carry out his plan to sacrifice her? Or will the malicious plotting of others within the court leave Amber trapped in the mystical realm with nowhere to run?
Forgotten Fates
S.J Doran
Amara needs every tool at her disposal to bring her plan to fruition. To claim her vengeance and defeat the sumerian deity nipping at her heels, she needs the god killing sword.
It's acquisition comes at heavy cost when she's forced to summon the Sin-Eater for help. Everything about the demon serving as cruel reminder to a love lost long ago, one which for her had never come to its end.
Cassius spent four centuries as a shadow of himself, a puppet strung to serve the twisted will and wishes of his maddened father. Days are lost in the thrall of lust, pleasure, and pain. His nights are filled with dreams of her.
She'd kept him sane, calling to him from within the dark recesses of his mind. He doesn't remember her, but somehow, he knows her. And had has found her.
With Amara's support they successfully usurped his father’s throne, crowning him imperium, regent of the nine Hells.
Now a king of his own right, Cassius is still not free from Asmodeus's cruel machinations.
As the webs begin to unravel, he finds himself trapped within his father's schemes once more.
Together, they’ll again have to ally and confront all who conspire against them. Amidst a brewing war and dark secrets, memories begin to surface. Images of her, echoes of a love lost, and the whispers of an unholy union with the power to bring forth the Apocalypse.
To forget is live. To remember means to burn together, one final time.
The Devil In Disguise
Cynthia Eden
Don’t make the devil angry…

Luke Thorne loves having one hell of a good time. As the ruler of every dark creature to walk the earth, he certainly has more than a bit of a bad side. He lives for danger and isn’t the type to lose his heart—mostly because he doesn’t have one. Then she walks into his life.

Mina James is seduction in the flesh, a perfect temptation that the devil himself couldn’t pass up. Too late, Luke realizes he’s let a real siren into his life, a woman who is bent on using his dark powers to free herself from hidden enemies. Since Luke isn’t the type of man to be used, he should walk away from her, but…something about Mina draws him close.

Soon he’s realizing that she isn’t who she appears to be. Not dark and cold, but burning red hot. Mina is a woman fighting for her life—and the Lord of the Dark suddenly finds himself in an unlikely role…hero. Luke isn’t going to let her enemies destroy Mina. He will fight heaven and hell to keep her. But in the end, the secrets they both carry may just rip apart a love that should never have been…

There are Bad Things in the world…very, very bad. Are you ready for them?

Emma Edwards

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