Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/16/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/16/20
Chestnuts Roasting Over Dragon Fire
Julia Mills
All Laurel wanted was some time alone. A few days away from all the hustle and bustle with her best bud, a German Shepherd named Dane. Coming to terms with the loss of her last family member, her one and only little brother was harder than she ever could’ve imagined.

How could she have guessed a freak blizzard would hit less than a day after her arrival? Or that a sexy Dragon, with smoldering eyes and the promise of a happily ever after would come crashing into her life?

Fate will not be denied and Destiny’s nipping at Her heels to light the fire of love between these two star-crossed lovers. What started out as a long, lonely holiday, might just end up the first of many very merry Christmases for this fiery couple.

Grab a cup of something warm and cuddle up with these Fated Mates who will do anything to hold onto the hope of love and forever.
Something Secret This Way Comes
Sierra Dean
Some secrets are dangerous. This Secret is deadly.

For Secret McQueen, her life feels like the punch line for a terrible joke. Abandoned at birth by her werewolf mother, hired as a teen by the vampire council of New York City to kill rogues, Secret is a part of both worlds, but belongs to neither. At twenty-two, she has carved out as close to a normal life as a bounty hunter can.

When an enemy from her past returns with her death on his mind, she is forced to call on every ounce of her mixed heritage to save herself—and everyone else in the city she calls home. As if the fate of the world wasn’t enough to deal with, there’s Lucas Rain, King of the East Coast werewolves, who seems to believe he and Secret are fated to be together. Too bad Secret also feels a connection with Desmond, Lucas’s second-in-command…
Theresa Hissong 
My name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers. My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date! Panthers don’t date…we mate.
Before my plans fall into place to court the woman who is destined to be my mate, one of my pride is taken and held for ransom.
That ransom is me.
I will do anything for my pride, but my little human mate puts herself in my place. When I find out that she has been taken, along with a young girl from my pride, I vow to bring them both home. My Guardians and I hunt to find my mate, save my pride, and deal out justice for those my enemy has harmed.
That is…if I’m not too late to save them both.

Emma Edwards

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