Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/9/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/9/20
Crimson Covenant
Samantha Whiskey
From Amazon Top 10 Bestselling Author Samantha Whiskey comes an opposites attract paranormal romance.

For two hundred years, I’ve held the Vampire throne.
I’ve upheld our ancient traditions, and led the Order of Onyx Assassins.
I’ve never questioned our rules…until now.

The Covenant states that if humans discover the supernatural world, their lives are forfeit,
but one run-in with human Lyric O’Brien, and I’m hooked.

Smart, fierce, and sexy-as-sin, Lyric’s blood tempts me with unbridled need.
I never should have brought her into my world, but I can’t stay away,
And now she’s in danger.

When she’s targeted by my enemies, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her.
The ancient threat is cruel and the stakes have never been higher.
If I have to break every law in the Covenant to keep her alive, I will.

Sink your teeth into the Onyx Assassins, Samantha Whiskey’s steamy paranormal romance series, filled with sexy alpha vampires and the women who love them.
The Protector
Lexy Timms  
A brand new paranormal hot and steamy romance by international bestseller, Lexy Timms.
Constance can track a killer, but is there a killer locked up inside of her?

Constance is a psychic who only gets visions about murder. She teams up with tough Homicide Detective, Jack. For three years, they track and catch serial killers until, unexpectantly one day, Constance starts to remember a past that just cannot be.

When one sexually explosive night happens between her and Jack, Constance realizes the visions of the past have to be true. Neither of are what they seem to be and a world of shifters opens before her eyes.

Only Jack knows the truth of Constance’s past. He also knows how dangerous it can be. He’s been waiting a very long time for her and won’t risk losing her all over again. But at what cost?

Can their turbulent past destroy them both?
Amber Kallyn 
When duty forces a shaman to stop a vampire from her revenge, love doesn’t just burn… it bites.

For two hundred years, Niki DeVeraux has hunted the monster who murdered her family, and made her a vampire. She finally catches up to her sire, only to face more than she bargained for. Local vampire clans don’t care for rogues. And the local sheriff, too sexy for his own good, seems to want nothing more than to get in her way. Worse, he stirs something in Niki she’s ignored since her turning, and forces her to remember she’s not just a warrior, but a woman.

Bound by his duties both as local Keeper of the Peace, and sheriff, Shane Spencer must protect humanity, while preventing the recent conflicts between the werewolves and vampires from becoming an all out blood war. When wolves start turning up dead, tensions between the pack and vampire clan grow. Suspicions fall to the only rogue in town, Niki. Yet, Shane knows she’s not to blame. And it has nothing to do with the hot, primal emotions she stirs within him.

Shane and Niki must work together to stop the bloodshed. Trouble is, the desires raging between them might prove more dangerous than the surrounding threats.

Emma Edwards

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