Your Wednesday Reading List – 2/3/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 2/3/20
Dragon Professor's Baby
Maia Starr
Steph is the only thing he wants, but students are off limits.
Hopefully, this naughty professor’s hidden secrets don’t give him a failing grade. 

The Irish Dragon Professor 

Double life, double strife.
The Clover gang was after me and my brothers.
That is the existence of an Irish mobster.
Posing as a professor, I met my irresistible student at the worst possible time. 
My savaged beast had other intentions.
It needed to teach Steph some lessons. 
Lust, passion, and desire 101.
I needed to claim her as my mate.
But now the assassin intended for my life, is after hers.
I know I can protect her from them, but can I protect her from me?
Secrets. Lies. Temptation.
Once she discovers my Dragon within, there is no turning back.

His Human Obsession
Sexy. Smart. Forbidden.
There is nothing worse than falling for your own professor, right?
I wanted Aidan to teach me a lesson. But not the lessons I soon came to learn. 
He went from funny, smart professor… to Irish mobster Dragon.  
And I went from lectures, papers, and notes… to pregnant, kidnapped, and betrayed.
This is why I should keep my head out of the clouds and in my books.

If this bad boy professor does not save the mother of his child, he loses more than just the love of his life… 
The Lost Vampire Prince
Melody Raven 
Nicolas is the embodiment of royalty. Strong. Powerful. Deadly. The only thing he's missing is his throne.

Decades ago a vampire mutiny murdered his father and forced him into hiding, but all that is about to change. A mortal woman smart enough to learn the truth about him and naive enough to trust him is the perfect pawn to sneak him back into the monarchy.

Nothing is going to stop Nicolas from getting what is rightfully his. Not lust. Not love. And not Anna. At least that's what he thinks.
The Vampire's Throne
AJ Tipton
A vampire prince fighting to liberate his people. A stunning photographer intrigued by the supernatural world. Together they must save their vampire kingdom…or die trying.

Sexy vampire Christopher Dal has spent centuries recruiting free-thinkers and dreamers to turn into vampires. When he meets Alice, Christopher knows she would be the perfect addition to his vampire family. But once he turns her, he will become her sire and any romance between them will be impossible…and he’s already falling in love with her.

Alice Jones’s dearest dream is to become a full-time photographer, leave her boring day job, and explore the world. But when she meets the handsome and mysterious Christopher at her first art show, she discovers that the world is more magical and perilous than she ever imagined. Just when immortality is within Alice’s reach, a vampire civil war erupts between Christopher’s followers and his power-hungry brother, Rhys. With the fate of vampire kind in Alice’s hands, will she choose safety or love?

Emma Edwards

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