Your Wednesday Reading List – 5/8/19

Your Wednesday Reading List – 5/8/19
Wildfire Unicorn
Zoe Chant
There's a shirtless firefighter at her door…and he's holding a baby unicorn.Animal rescue officer Candice thought she’d seen it all. That was before the unicorn.

Or rather, unicorns.

When a smoking hot firefighter turns up at her emergency centre, the baby unicorn in his arms turns out to be the least unusual thing about him. And he wants Candice for more than her fully-equipped rescue trailer…

Unicorn shifter Wystan thought meeting his true mate would solve all his problems. Now he’s got an adorable and unruly mystery on his hands, the mother of all wildfires breathing down his neck, and dark forces closing in on all sides. How’s he supposed to romance this blunt, prickly, astonishing woman in all this? Especially when Candice guards her heart as fiercely as she protects the animals under her care?

But when unicorns are real, dreams can come true…

And so can nightmares.

Scarred Warrior
Brenda Trim  & Tami Julka
Being a Dark Warrior and protecting others has been the only focus in Gerrick Haele’s life for centuries, until he receives the shock of his life when one of the females he rescues from the archdemon’s clutches ignites an arousal that hints at her being his Fated Mate. Problem is, Gerrick’s Fated Mate was murdered four hundred years earlier and you are only ever given one mate in a lifetime. Questions of Dark magic and deception carry him down a path involving time travel, serums and fights to the death. Can he set aside his doubt and be the male Shae needs him to be, or will his past come back to haunt him and history repeat itself?

Shae Mitchell has spent the last seven months being tormented, raped and tortured by vile archdemons and just wants her suffering to end. She is on the verge of giving up completely when Gerrick sweeps in to rescue her. Her relief at being liberated is short-lived when she realizes the demons have sunk their claws far deeper than the scars on her neck. As she fights to rid her mind of the archdemon’s influence, she discovers that the explosive heat she shares with the sexy Dark Warrior threatens to consume her whole.

Waking the Watcher
Kim Loraine
Vampires don't lust after humans, but Reese changed everything. She woke something inside me.

It happened in an instant.
I saw her.
I wanted her.
I had to have her. Not just her blood-I wanted her body. Something I haven't desired in a hundred years.

I didn't plan on falling in love. 
She's mine and now that I've found her, I won't be able to move on.
But the more I'm with her, the more I realize there is something dark and dangerous lurking. I can't stop it and Reese is paying the price.

My love is killing her, but I can't stay away.

Emma Edwards

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