Your Wednesday Reading List – 7/10/19

Your Wednesday Reading List – 7/10/19
Brotherhood of Dragons
Sarah J. Stone
My life is in grave danger.
And he’s the only one who can save me. 

Jason Crane. 
A high-profile bodyguard. 
Strong, mesmerizing, and hard as steel. 
I want to run my fingers all over his chiseled chest. 
On paper, he’s perfect. Normal. 
But he has a secret. 
He’s been alive for over four centuries.
A dragon shifter. 
And I’ve been thrown into a safe house with him. 
Away from the serial killer who’s stalking me. 
He’ll stop at nothing until he finds me. 
My only hope?
Jason’s protection. 

Will he be able to snatch me from the jaws of death?

Book One: Jason
Book Two: Drake
Book Three: Chase
Book Four: Miles
Book Five: Kris
Book Six: Jonathan
Book Seven: Luke
Book Eight: Leo
Book Nine: Ben
Book Ten: Liam
Eternally Bound
Brenda K. Davies 
Over the centuries, anything Ronan once found pleasure in has been replaced by blood and death.
Every morning, he wonders if that will be the day he succumbs to the savage side of his vampire nature.
As a born hunter, Kadence has never stepped beyond the walls of her home.
She’s not happy with her life, but she accepted it long ago… just as she’s accepted her impending marriage to a man the elders chose for her. However, when a vampire murders her father, Kadence is determined to escape the walls that have kept her caged.
After she’s attacked by the monster who killed her father, and rescued by Ronan, Kadence finds herself inside the world of the vampires she’s been raised to hate. Despite her distrust of him, the more time she spends with Ronan, the more her feelings for him deepen until she finds herself questioning the hunter way of life.
Now she must decide what she truly wants: revenge, Ronan, or the elusive freedom she’s finally found.
Blood Vow
Mina Carter 
Danger meets desire when a vampire king crosses paths with a woman out for revenge in this thrilling tale from New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Mina Carter.

They killed her sister. Now she'll make them pay…
Her sister slaughtered by rogue vampires, Maria wants blood. Rogue blood. Lots of it. In vampire society though, even halfbreeds like Maria are cosseted and protected . She must fool her family into thinking she's the perfect Kyn lady, fight like the demons her ancestors were, and somehow get rid of the annoying but sexy Kyn warrior who just won't leave her alone.
He's the king. And he’s done taking orders.
Furious at the Elder Council's demand that he find a wife, Marak takes to the streets to vent his rage on the rogue who plague the streets. He doesn't expect to find a sexy vampire hunter who has no idea who he is nor his passionate and all-consuming reaction to her. Human, she can't be his. Without his help, she won’t survive the streets. He'll train her, get her ready to hunt… and do his best to keep his hands to himself.
But when a rogue attack almost ends Maria’s life, Marak is forced to give her his bite. Bringing her over into his world, he discovers she's been keeping secrets just like he has… Can they see past the lies and betrayal to what really matters, or is their happily ever after, and the fate of the Royal line, doomed with their love?

Emma Edwards

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