Your Wednesday Reading List – 7/29/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 7/29/20
M.A. Gonzales
We should have been bonded forever…
But my future mate, chose me above all others only to walk away with another.
And not just anyone— my best-friend.
Make that Ex best-friend.
I was barely hanging on when Markus shows up, sending me on a free-fall with his dangerous good looks and mysterious stormy gray eyes.
He could be the one to set me free and unleash a desire I never imagined, if only our mating wasn’t forbidden.
When danger comes stalking me, Markus is the only one who can protect me, but protecting me might lead us down a path neither of us is ready for.

I have a job to do, I can’t afford any distractions.
The moment I step into the mountain bar, I can’t tear my gaze away from the gorgeous shifter I haven’t seen before.
It isn’t just her body that holds me captive, but there’s something in her eyes that I recognize—loneliness, betrayal. I know both well.
She looks so lost. Damn if I don’t want to be the one to find her.
A vampire’s primal urges are hard to control, harder than any other supernatural and when we want something, we go after it.
I want Zoey. Even though I shouldn’t… our species are enemies. The urge to take her, protect her is primal, one I can’t ignore.
Taking her won’t be for just a night… my touch will seal our fate. I might be able to save her, but I could damn us both in the process.
Purchased By The Pack
Casey Morgan 
All I want to do is take her virginity.
Unfortunately, I’m not the only one.

As a wolf shifter, I’ve never really cared for humans.
I’m busy running a billion-dollar winery business with my four brothers.
But when I first see Krystal, a costume maker, I have to take notice.
Not only because she wrecked into our delivery truck.
But also because her curvy human body is super hot.
Plus, she has a mutually beneficial idea for our companies.
She’ll supply the costumes for a Renaissance ball wine tasting event.
It’s a business match made in heaven.
And now I just want our bodies to match up as well.
It seems I’m not the only one thinking that.
I find out she’s a virgin, and that there’s going to be an auction.
I’ll pay any price to buy Krystal and claim her as my own.
But the rest of my pack ups the ante.
Seems the cost has risen, and the winners have to share.

Can five shifters satisfy one feisty human woman?
And what if it’s now my heart that is matching up with hers?
Mating Behavior
Mandy M. Roth 
Mating Behavior by Mandy M. Roth

Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

Wolf shifter Alan has a problem—he wants his best friend Katie in the worst sort of way, but Katie’s human and for a shifter male to choose a human for a mate is a death sentence—for both of them.

Katie is so in love with her best bud, Alan, that she can’t see straight. Problem is, Alan doesn’t seem to see her that way. All she wants is for him to tear her clothes off and have at her but, sweet, reserved Alan would never… or would he?

Emma Edwards

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