Your Wednesday Reading List – 8/21/19

Your Wednesday Reading List – 8/21/19
Guarding Katelyn- A Paranormal Security Service Novel
J Thompson
Being a mythical bird of legend should be exciting. 

Yet, for Katelyn, it wasn't so. Being a phoenix was more of a curse than a blessing for her. Forced to leave her family home for the protection of her kind, she thought she’d found her Prince Charming, until, once again, events turned her world upside down. 

Now, she's alone in the biggest city in the UK, wanting more than to simply survive. Katelyn's yearning to live. 

But her life will never be that simple… 

Calling on the new London branch of the Paranormal Security Service, she rests all her hopes, as well as her life, on one dark, brooding shifter. 

Will he be the one to offer Katelyn her most precious desire? 

Slip of Fate
Hettie Ivers
I was supposed to find my brother in South America and bring him home.

I wasn’t supposed to get kidnapped in the process… or unearth an ancient blood curse coveted by two of the world's most powerful, dangerous werewolf packs.

I definitely wasn’t supposed to develop any feelings other than hate for my brother’s enemy: the ruthless—and beyond obnoxious—Alpha werelock holding me hostage.

In a kinder world, I might’ve stumbled upon a classic werewolf mate-for-life alternate universe and encountered the stuff of romantic fairy tales.

Trust me—this isn’t that world. 
Craving-First Thirst
Claudy Conn 
Allora is an ancient vampire determined to always get her way and keep what she believes is hers. She believes Devin MacLeod is hers.
All Devin wants to do is destroy her, so she traps him in another realm, where he can look into his home and never return.
Bobbie Skye, an immortal witch is hired to free him, but can she? She is young and untrained and hasn’t come into all her powers.
However, Bobbie will have to learn how to cope with the evil that is Allora or die trying.

Emma Edwards

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