Your Wednesday Reading List – 9/16/20

Your Wednesday Reading List – 9/16/20
A Destiny Reborn
Rebecca Hefner
Lost in a timeline that was never theirs…

Thrust into a world they barely comprehend, two time travelers are forced to survive with only each other as allies.

Claire Finch, the kind, bubbly scientist, has sacrificed her hidden dreams for the cause: to prevent the apocalypse and save the world.

Cyrus Montgomery, a tough, stoic soldier weary from the battle scars of war and barren dystopia.

Together, they traverse the unfamiliar circumstances, both fighting and denying their mutual attraction.

But destiny can be manipulated by unseen forces, and as they navigate the uncharted timeline, they discover a united strength they never possessed apart…and learn that true love ultimately prevails if the warnings of the past are heeded with caution and diligence.
Lena Moore
Draven had spent centuries on this earth most of it alone, full of anger and wishing to rain down his fury of revenge on the people who had ever wronged him in his life. But all that matter to him right now was finding the next mortal to stick his fangs into, to take his fill and exist. However, he didn’t realise how much that was about to change.

Aliyah, young, fiery and full of sass and spunk cannonballs into Draven’s world like a wrecking ball and shatters his stoic facade. A long with her comes a war that none of them knew existed and somehow she is the middle of it and placing him and everyone she loved in the crossfire.

The battle between the dark and light Otherworlders wages on, drawing them into the atramentous world that Aliyah didn’t ever believe existed. Ominous and malevolent beings lurk in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to snatch her away because she is the key they require. Will the light overcome the darkness or will they forever be plunged into the caliginous nothingness…
Dawn of Legend: Dragon Dusk Book 1
Mac Flynn
An obscure legend speaks of a man with dragon wings. Fifteen hundred years ago the man ventured into our world searching for a companion, but none could be found. He left a statue of his likeness in the keep of the castle in the hopes that one day his companion would come to him.

Christine wasn’t one to believe in legends, and certainly not on her trip through the wilds of Wales. The tour package her friend picked out for them brought them to the castle where the winged figure stood, encased in stone and superstition. Superstition, however, couldn’t explain the strange attraction she felt toward the handsome statue. Those stone eyes seemed to beckon to her, calling her to him with a force she couldn’t deny, and which she wasn’t sure she wanted to.

A haunting dream and a single touch, and she’s transported into a new world and a new life. Helplessness and confusion grip her heart as she finds herself under the power of the dragon, but there’s something in his eyes that pleads with her to remain. Will her desire to return home triumph, or will she accept the fate that’s been offered to her?

Emma Edwards

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