Warrior’s Captive: Excerpt of a Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Alyce Guertin

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Don’t miss Warrior’s Captive-a new release from Alyce Guertin. This sci-fi-alien romance is Book One from the Valcan Mates Series. Here’s an excerpt from the book that’s sure to get you hooked! Warning: this excerpt is rated Four (4) Bites according to our hot-ness scale. This is our spiciest level!

Warrior's Captive, Alyce Guertin

I stepped in her space, my other hand closing around her waist, pulling her pliable body against
my hardness. My cock furrowed in the soft skin of her stomach and she let out a small breath. I locked
gazes with her as her pupils dilated and she tilted her head back instinctively. The smell of her arousal
came to my nostrils, making me furious with lust.
You might not say it, but I know you want me. And Gods forgive me, I want you, too.
I glanced at her mouth, at those full, delectable lips. My hand went to her face, holding her
dainty chin with a steel grip. My thumb forced her head up, tilting it until she had no choice but to look
at me.
My cock pulsed and ached, the need for her surrender and her flesh like a poison in the air
between us. Because she wasn’t backing down. And Gods help me, I wanted her to resist just so I could
make her bend, make her surrender and obey. Make her squirm and moan.
I’m a fool. She’s not to be touched.
But still, my thumb trailed all the way to that sumptuous mouth, rubbed over those soft, pink
lips. A deep shiver traveled up my spine at the contact.
“Tell me your name, woman.” The order was like a lash of the whip and those sky-blue eyes
shone, brimming with defiance.
“No.” Her answer was just a whisper, nothing more than a breath of wind. I felt her brace herself
in my arms, like she meant to resist, to push me away.
My fingers dug deeper in the soft flesh of her back, molding her to my erection. This was a
battle, a fight my entire body strove to win.

“I can make you.” My voice was gone, replaced by an animal growl.
“Do your worst.” She whispered.

If this made you bite your lip, then pick up a copy of Warrior’s Captive today!

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