Who’s Your Dragon Now? By Gabriella Messina

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Finding Your Ideal Dragon Shifter this Holiday Season

It is that time of a year when the world falls in love… with Dragons? Ah, the dragon shifter… Fiery (obviously), broody (of course), and able to sweep you off your feet (quite literally… look at those ARMS). Like any dating pool, the dragon shifters come in every size, shape, temperament, and type. How do you choose? Where do you even start? Relax, we have you covered!

Start with YOU!

Dating a Dragon Shifter is just like dating anyone; to succeed, you must start with yourself. You must know yourself, because knowing yourself will guide you towards your ideal dragon shifter, and one of the best places to start is with your element.

Astrologically, we all fall under one of four elements:

  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water

Dragons, however, fall into one of FIVE elements:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Gold

As you can see, there are some differences, but we can work with that. Like our own elements and astrological signs, dragon shifters that fall under these elements (which are drawn from Chinese tradition because nobody knows dragons like THEY do) have certain characteristics.

Earth Dragons

Solid and sturdy, earth dragons are stable and hardworking. They have ambition and goals for the future, and they do not wince at having to go the extra mile. They are also smart and able to practically take on problems as they come along.

Fire Dragons

Fire dragons can be as unpredictable as actual fire and are often unreliable in their moods and behavior. On the other hand, when they are in a stable friendship or relationship, they can be very easygoing and save their legendary tempers for those who dare to cross them or their loved ones.

Water Dragons

The long game is the main game for water dragons. They have a knack for seeing into the future and they are willing to persevere through the difficulties of life and love because they have glimpsed the Promised Land, as it were, and know that it is all worth it in the end. Like their element, water dragons are powerful and beautiful, strong and sensitive, vigorous and value calm. Water dragons may include ice dragons, who add their own unique characteristics of endurance, strength, and tolerance to the mix.

Wood Dragons

Wood dragons treasure the past. They have long memories and hold the traditions and tales of their ancestors close. They are often close to family and loyal unto death to those they love. However, the relationships they have can be superficial, which is surprising. It may stem from their inability to let go of past hurts and see a way forward. Wood dragons can be introverted and lack enthusiasm for social gatherings and adventures.

Gold Dragons

If you meet a gold dragon, you will never be unsure if they like you. Gold dragons are notoriously straight-forward, to the point of bluntness, and are often unpredictable. Their moods can change from day to day, and sometimes from morning to night. They pride themselves on their natural way of being. In fact, pride may be their primary flaw and one that often leaves them standing alone.

Choosing Your Dragon Shifter

Once you know your elemental make up and that of your dragon shifter, it is as easy to predict how well you will mesh as it would be with any astrological or archetypal measurement system. A Fire sign may not mesh well with a Wood Dragon, finding their resistance to change and inability to let go of the past in effective ways a major frustration, but may find the stability and ambition of an Earth Dragon a comforting source of love and guidance. A Gold Dragon may mesh well with a water sign, flowing with them in a natural way, while the passion and intelligence of Fire Dragon may be an ideal match for an Air sign that feeds its fire and balances it.

At the heart of every Dragon Shifter, whatever their element, is strength, loyalty, and courage. These formidable and amazing creatures have endured through the centuries, the millennia, and what girl does not like a man who knows how to stick around, right?

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