How To Win Cool Free Stuff

If you’ve been checking out the site even for a few seconds I’m sure you’ve noticed we like to give stuff away.  A LOT of stuff!  Stuff like books, gift-cards, t-shirts, swag even iPads and Kindles!

(Yea, we’re sort of crazy here!)

Now normally we announce winners on the FaceBook page (you should “Like” it now before your eyeballs fall out***) but because FB is an odd animal we now have to require people to be on the mailing list.  (And there is a good reason!)

Here’s Why You Want To Subscribe To The ILVN Newsletter:

#1: We take a solemn oath NOT to SPAM you with more than 2 or 3 Viagra/erectile dysfunction ads per month.  (If you were already a member you’d get the joke because we have an 88% female subscriber base 😉 Click Here To Join!

#2: You’ll actually get the message about stuff you may have won!  FB is super weird with who they chose to show page posts to so the vast majority of people end up missing really important information.  (Like if they won a freaking iPad or something!)  So 1x per week we announce contest winners and we do it on the site via email. Click Here To Join!

#3: You’ll get TONS of awesome free stuff!  We publish the news letter 2x per week with a 3rd periodic weekly “update” to make sure people who have won stuff are able to get it.  Inside each newsletter are TONS of great insider tips, author interviews, free book links and discounts. Click Here To Join!

#4: It’s just good freaking Karma!  So click here and join the newsletter.  If you’re a fan of Vampire Novels & Paranormal Lit then you’re basically insane if you’re not here!***

***Legal Disclaimer: Statements not evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Some Assembly Required. Has Been Known To Cause Dry Mouth, Heart Palpitations, Blindness, Stroke, Herpes & Head-lice.  If, after “liking” or subscribing you experience a red facial flushing please seek immediate medical assistance as that can be the early warning signs of a rare but fatal cave-dwelling fungal condition.  Or you might just be reading a BDB novel.  (Hey, we need to cover out butts here!)

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