Going To RT Book Convention? Find This Guy And Win Stuff!

We are going to have some fun at RT Convention 2014 in New Orleans this year!  To celebrate reaching up to 3 million people per week with the site we decided to come on down and give away even more stuff!  Jonny (the crazy founder of this site) is going to be walking around at the convention and he wants to meet YOU!

UPDATE: So I'm a total dork!  In the video I say I'll be there “Thursday & Friday”.  I'm actually flying in Wed evening there all day Thursday and then am heading out on Friday Morning… Make sure you find me on Thursday!

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Here's How To Win… Hint: Let's Have Fun With This!

  1. If you're attending RT Convention this year find Jonny…
  2. Run up to him and scream “OMG IT'S JONNY!”…
  3. Take a “Presidential Selfie” with him, post it to FB/Twitter with the #RT2014 hashtag with @LVVampireNovels (so we can find you!)…
  4. We'll be picking the funniest photos and handing out free books!

We are totally looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible so lets have a TON of fun down there!

Here's What Jonny Will Have On Him:

  • The “Everybody's A Winner” Get Free Books Postcard (complete with fashionable QR code)
  • Vampire Bites: 101 Bloody Delicious Recipes For Your Entire Coven
  • Autographed, 1st Edition Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon… (Check her out here)
  • Autographed Neferet's Curse Audio CD by P.C. & Kristin Cast… (Check her out here)
  • Veiled by the up and coming author Victoria Knight (Check her out here)
  • And An Autographed Hard Cover of The King By JR Ward! (Check her out here)

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