Witches, Wizards, and Mages! Oh my! By Kaylin Peyerk

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If you’re an avid reader of paranormal romance, then you know all about witches, wizards, and mages. But do you know the difference? Today I’ll be giving you a rundown of each type and a couple worthy books for each that you can devour.

First, we’ll start with witches. This is the most widely known of the three. The basic definition of a witch in literature is a woman who is believed to have magical powers. Some may practice Wicca in order to gain magical power while others have it naturally.

One of the most intriguing paranormal romance witch titles I’ve read is Burned Magic by TJ Green. It has a witty love interest, a great mystery centered plot line with a twist of action!

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Another title I highly recommend is The Cursed Witch by Chandelle Lavaun. I absolutely adore the cover of this book. It’s stunning, isn’t it? This title is based around a heroine who has lost all memory but her name. She embarks on a journey to unravel her past and secrets in Salem, all while being pestered by a sexy half-fae knight. This one is available in Kindle Unlimited for your reading pleasure.

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My third and final recommendation on witches is a fiery one. Shadow Kissed by Sarah Piper is about a witch surviving a dark city of monsters only to meet her five fated protectors. If you enjoy reverse harem and dark romance this title would be perfect for you. The love interests are all different types of magical beings, but our heroine is a badass witch. If you love suspenseful plot lines, hilariously sexy banter, and dark magic I suggest this one. Plus, it’s a great example of reverse harem done right. All of the guys have their own unique personalities that leap off the page.

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Wizards are similar, however, they are male. They can derive their magical power through birth or being given magical power through ritual. And while some may practice Wicca, it is not as prevalent with wizards.

If you love LGBTQ+ representation in paranormal romance as much as I do, then you may want to check out Unhallowed by Jordan L. Hawk. A murder mystery PNR set in a library, two head strong male characters falling in love, and a engrossing magical world. The story line is worth it just as much as the swoon worthy romance!

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My second recommendation in this category is brimming with magical classes and lore. I know paranormal romance lovers also love academy books, well, at the very least, I do! Witching on a Star by Erin Bedford is a slow burn reverse harem set in a magical academy full of hot wizards who all want a piece of our headstrong heroine. She’s sassy, she’s witty, and she does not take shit from anyone. Plus, the covers are beautiful if you’re looking to add a new series to your bookshelf.

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Finally, we have mages! This designation is a sort of catch call for people who are magic users. A term an author may use if they don’t want the exclusivity and rules that come along with witch and wizard. I’ve also seen many authors associate mages with magic derived from the Earth’s elements. Wind, water, earth, and fire.

One title that comes to mind when I think of mages is Born in Fire by K.F. Breene. She’s a fantastic urban fantasy/paranormal romance author. If you haven’t read her titles yet, I highly suggest them. This particular book is based around a supernatural bounty hunter with magical abilities. She gets tangled with a hot, older vampire and they embark on a mysterious journey together full of sarcasm and magic. Extremely entertaining!

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My second recommendation for this category—Chaotic by T.S. Snow—is a six book, slow burn reverse harem. It’s incredibly funny, sexy, and fast paced. Six of the highest magical families in the world want our main character to work for them, and they’ll do anything to convince her. Even the blurb reads with wit and charm, so I highly suggest you check out this title!

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And there you have it! Now you know the difference between witches, wizards, and mages. Let me know in the comments which of them is your favorite to read.

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