15 Must-Read Omegaverse Books

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Omegaverse is a romance genre with so much potential and that’s why I love writing it. From discussing societal issues & gender inequality to some of the most steamy sex scenes in literature, these stories will take you on a ride of self-discovery—for better or worse, LMAO! 

Authors take the idea of animalistic natures in society and run with it—creating stories that will make you clench your thighs before sobbing uncontrollably ten minutes later.

It’s a great genre for those looking to dip their toe into the lightest version of paranormal romance. There are no shifters or supernatural creatures, but the compulsion to mate with your fated partner(s) is something you can’t control, leading us to everyone’s favorite trope—fated mates.

And if you’re completely new to the omegaverse, here are the bare bones: 
ABO (alpha, beta, omega) world, normal citizens, not shifters.
  • Society is very similar to Earth, with secondary genders that compel couples to come together.
Alpha and omega can either be dominant or recessive.
  • Dominants heavily affect the opposite gender and/or are heavily affected. They also exhibit obvious physical traits of their secondary gender. Omega possess a delicate or striking beauty, are shorter, and softer. Alpha are the opposite. Tall, muscled, and masculine. They also have regular—most times monthly after puberty—heats/ruts controlled via medication or pair bonding to lead a normal life.
  • Recessive alpha/omega are more like betas. Most times, they do not have strong physical characteristics leaning one way or the other. While they may have heats or ruts, they’re irregular and far between. They can only smell pheromones during their cycle. Sometimes, they don’t have a cycle at all and live life as a beta until they meet a very compatible alpha/omega.
Alphas and omega can enter a physical contract known as pair bonding.
  • This happens when an alpha marks their omega by biting them on the nape of the neck during heat/rut.
  • Omegas often wear protective collars to reduce their risk of forced bonding.
  • Once a pair is bonded, they will only react to each other’s pheromones when they are in heat/rut. No one else can satisfy them, and they become physically ill when they attempt to sate that need with another alpha/omega outside of the bond.
Alphas are at the top of the food chain.
  • Dominant presence
  • Larger than other genders and more physically apt.
  • Emits harsh masculine-smelling pheromones that only other alpha or omega react to.
  • Experiences a rut that causes them to have intense feelings of sexual desire and need. Can be controlled using a medication known as an inhibitor or by having unprotected sex with an omega.
  • Female alphas are rare, and they cannot get omega pregnant through intercourse. However, they possess a gland in the body that produces reproductive sperm. This can be extracted medically and used to create children with their omega partner via insemination.
  • If an alpha’s pheromones are powerful enough or extremely compatible with an omega, it can force that omega into heat.
Betas are normal humans with basic anatomy.
  • Average, but can be exceptional like alphas if they come from a high-level family.
  • 50% or more of the population
  • Does not emit nor detect pheromones
  • Normal office workers, shop owners, etc.
Omegas of any kind are sought after while being looked down upon.
  • Just as intelligent as alpha, but often overlooked for similar positions because of their softer dispositions. This causes them to turn to nurturing jobs, such as teaching, child care, and social work.
  • Beautiful while being small in stature, whether they’re a man or a woman, with soft bodies made for bearing children
  • This gender experiences what’s known as heat, causing them to have intense feelings of sexual desire and the need for breeding. All omega—whether dominant or recessive—are crazed in their heat and would do anything for an alpha’s touch. The strong pheromones make resisting an unbonded omega extremely difficult even if an alpha is not also in rut.

Heat Haven by Sarah Blue

Welcome to Heat Haven, a facility where Omegas can safely go through their heat alongside pre-screened and carefully selected Alphas.

Emily: My heat is getting closer. With heat suppressants off the table and no pack to call my own in sight, Heat Haven seems to be my only option. Can I be vulnerable enough for Alphas I don’t know to help me in my time of need?

Griffin: I want a pack and an Omega to cherish. The problem? I don’t like most people and I work too much. Where better to meet someone than a place where you contractually participate in a heat with strangers?

Omega and Alpha pheromones ignite in this spicy novella. With a chance encounter and an upcoming heat, can Emily and Griffin find what they’re looking for in each other?

Heat Javen by Sarah Blue

Heat Haven by Sarah Blue

Wolf Rejected by Kaylin Peyerk

The rising omega queen was dead and who better to assume the throne than her identical twin?

Jayden Yearwood was a force of nature not by choice, but by necessity. Her father’s iron fist often dripped with blood when she was involved, but if it meant protecting her sister from a similar fate, that was enough.

Her plan was simple. Survive until Alex became the next queen, and then she could finally flee her father’s wretched, poisonous claws once and for all…but the Goddess rarely catered to the desires of mortals.

Months before her twin’s coronation, someone had Alexius killed, rousing a sleeping beast deep within Jayden’s chest—an ascended alpha was bred by the strength of the soul, imbuing their master with potential beyond their wildest dreams. For Jayden, it’d come seconds too late, and every time she looked at the triplets all she saw was her sister’s bloodied face.

Scarred and broken, Jayden prowls the dark streets of Khul in search of those who stole everything from her. Along the way, sinister truths are uncovered, leaving the princess fearful of the looming plot against not only her family but the whole of Ellion.

Proving destiny to be bigger than one death, one love, or one life.

Wolf Rejected by Kaylin Peterk

Wolf Rejected by Kaylin Peterk

Pack’s Pledge by Victoria Kent 

All I ever wanted was to be his… Until I met his pack.

I know what they call this place: Club Heat. Behind the bar is the only place a beta like me belongs at Ardor, the exclusive club where powerful alpha packs come to meet, mingle, and mate with the omegas who crave them.

There’s only one man I’ve ever wanted like that: Conall, my first love, my teenage crush, my best friend… until he presented as an alpha and left me behind.

Now he’s here, in my bar, looking at me with the same shy smile I remember from when were were young–and he’s not alone. He has a pack built not on romance, but convenience: a sexy second-in-command alpha with a wicked sense of humor and a rare male omega with an irresistible smile.

All those years I’d been dreaming about him, he’d been longing for me, and now, he wants me to be his…

And only his.

So why can’t I stop thinking about his pack?

Pack’s Pledge by Victoria Kent

Pack’s Pledge by Victoria Kent

Knot My Reality by Miranda May 

I have everything that I could possibly want—money, power, and success. The only thing I’m missing is the one thing that every omega needs: a pack.

My best friend and co-founder, Tessa, and I have made our company a success by creating apps for fellow omegas. Knotted allows omegas to find alphas for one-time assistance with their heat, and Mated allows omegas to search for their forever packs in a safe environment. But now it’s time to expand our brand with Heated—an experimental reality television show that will follow an omega who is closing in on their heat as they try to choose amongst suitors who want to be a part of their pack. Because who wouldn’t want to have their struggle to find a pack televised for the masses to see?

Deciding to kill two birds with one stone by launching my career to the next level while also getting my friends and family off my back—I will be the first omega on Heated.

With only eight weeks until my heat, I didn’t realize how overwhelming it would be to be constantly surrounded by twenty hot, willing men who are all vying for my attention while also trying to run the show from behind the scenes. I can’t seem to allow the people I hired to do their jobs—after all, I’m the only one I can trust besides Tessa, right? Because if this fails, it’s all on me.

Can this control freak omega learn to let go and find her pack? Or will Heated prove to be Bree’s first and greatest failure?

Knot my Reality by Miranda May

Knot my Reality by Miranda May

Hypnotize by E.J. Lawson

One of the most renowned packs in the entire country chose me to bond as their Omega. Me.

It doesn’t feel real, and yet here I am, boarding a private jet to their estate.

But instead of arriving at a mansion to hors d’oeuvres and champagne, I awake injured and half frozen at the heart of the Alaskan wild after a terrible accident.

That’s where he finds me. Everett, the mountain man Alpha with the husky voice and warm scent. He carries me through the snow, back to his cabin where two more Alphas batten down the hatches for the storm of a century.

There’s Huck, who looks at me like I’m something to be cherished. And Dean, who seems to want to unravel me until I’m laid bare.

I’m grateful to them for saving my life, but with each day spent trapped together by the storm, it becomes more and more difficult to remind myself…I’m Knot Their Omega.

Hypnotize by E.J. Lawson

Hypnotize by E.J. Lawson

The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

Betas are made for business, not pleasure.

We’re intelligent, hard-working, and unlike alphas and omegas, we’re not ruled by our hormones.

That’s how I’ve earned the title of Alpha Wrangler. No matter how much testosterone floods a boardroom, I can always rise above it and get the job done.

Which wins me the plum job of negotiating one of the biggest mergers in the country. All I need are a couple of signatures, and then I can use my bonus to buy an apartment with Kelvin, my beta assistant and best-friend-with-benefits.

But all that comes crashing down when I’m triggered by a switch.

My hidden omega nature takes over, hungry for knots, and bites, and a pack of my own.

I always thought switches were an urban myth. But the guy who triggers me is part of the merger deal, and I’m suddenly hot and needy for my billionaire bosses, a royal omega, and my best friend…

I just have to remind myself this is a heat of convenience.

I’m here to do a job – and so are they.

So why does it feel like a mind-blowing merger is on the table?

The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

The Deal by Lucy Scott Bryan

‘Everybody has their own journey; their own story’– and surviving the Regalo project is only part of mine. And you know that saying, desperate times call for desperate measures, that could be the next chapter in my life.

I never thought I’d call the Alpha Alliance, and ask for assistance, but here we are. Somehow, that one call ends with me agreeing to go offline with four alphas. Four crazy good-looking alphas that ‘feel’ right. And don’t get me started about the way they smell…

But, and that’s a big but, there’s a few issues. Like the fact I’ve got a secret, or twenty. And being an omega isn’t one of them. The other problem is, I know two of my rescuers. When they find out who I am, one of my secrets is going to be blown out of the water. Time will tell if they’ll be more names I need to add to my sh*t list, or if the intense connection we share will be a part of my happily ever after.

When I get sold out by my past, it sets us on a collision course where the stakes have never been higher. I really am prepared to risk it all, including them, because I made a deal I’d never be caged again.

But thankfully, these gorgeous alphas are as determined, blood-thirsty and as pig-headed as I am.

The Deal by Lucy Scott Bryan

The Deal by Lucy Scott Bryan

Forbidden by Emilia Emerson

What if everything forbidden to me — freedom, love, pleasure — could be mine?

Would I be brave enough to take it?

Five years ago, Josie Porter’s life was about to begin: she was going to escape her abusive family, move in with her best friend, and start college. Now, scarred from years of government torture in the Designation Academy, her dreams are long gone. Her only goal now is to survive.

With the Designation Government out to pair every omega with often brutal alpha packs, Josie has to turn to black-market suppressants to disguise her biology. But when the supply runs out, Josie can no longer run from her designation.

Cam, Ben, and Theo Ashwood had given up on their dream to find an omega, refusing to participate in the government’s oppressive policies. But when the underground anti-government Alliance asks them to help an omega in need, they can’t say no. They never expected to meet her — their fated mate.

Suddenly surrounded by alphas desperate to tend to her every need, Josie finds herself feeling things she only dreamed of as a child — love, trust… hope.

But even the protection of her fiercely loyal pack can’t stand against those determined to tear them apart.

Forbidden by Emilia Emerson

Forbidden by Emilia Emerson

Knot Your Damn Omega by Devyn Sinclair 

She’s famous, beautiful, and the one Omega whose name everyone knows. She’s my twin sister. Everyone wants her, and no one wants me.

Being the twin of a movie star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Eva is glamorous and sweet, and everything I’m not. Believe me, every person in my life has made that crystal clear. The press calls me the Ice Queen, leaving pack after pack broken in my wake.

I wish it were true.

All I’ve ever wanted was a pack—to be loved and cherished the way an Omega was meant to be—but now I’ve given up hope. Every group I meet wants a copy of my sister. Let’s not even mention the ones who called me by her name.

That was before I ran into an Alpha whose scent made me climb him like a tree. And his pack, who smells like heaven, makes me perfume, and claims they want to make me theirs. I want to believe love like this exists, yet the past has taught me it’s too good to be true.

I want to be able to tell the world I’m taken. To scream I’m knot your damn Omega… I’m theirs. But first, I have to believe it myself.

Knot Your Damn Omega by Devyn Sinclair

Knot Your Damn Omega by Devyn Sinclair

Pack Rivals by Hannah Haze

Caught between two rival packs…

Goodbye heartache, liars and cheats. I’m hot-tailing it to the city to escape all my problems.

What I don’t expect is to find a whole heap more.

Right at the top of the pile: turns out I’m not the beta I always believed.

Nope, I’m an omega.

How do I know? Because the freaking hot alpha, Axel York, I bump into at the gas station, triggers all those repressed hormones and pheromones.

Hormones and pheromones I’m battling to control.

Then there’s his pack. Rich, powerful, ruthless. The pack every omega wants.

Thing is, they’re not interested in the city’s pampered princesses. They want me.

As do their arch rivals, Pack Boston.

Just as rich, just as powerful and just as freaking hot.

Now I’m caught in the middle of this tussle to claim me, struggling to determine what’s real and what’s false.

One thing I know for certain, neither pack is willing to lose.

Pack Rivals by Hannah Haze

Pack Rivals by Hannah Haze

Pack of Lies by Olivia Lewin 

An omega test subject. A secret facility that needs her back. The scent-matched pack with secrets.

I’ve been at the Centre for years; enough time that freedom isn’t something I consider anymore. So when a pack of alphas break me out and swear to keep me safe, it should be a dream come true.

Especially when they claim I’m their scent-matched omega.

But years of tests and experiments have ruined my sense of smell, and I’m forced to take their word for it. They’re handsome enough to be a dream pack, but I know better than most if something seems too good to be true, it is.

After so long surviving alone, I don’t know how to trust anymore, and I can’t shake the feeling that they’re keeping secrets from me. Secrets with the potential to tear us apart.

I have two options:

Trust that a misfit omega like me can have the life I was too scared to hope for, or go back to protecting myself alone.

Pack of Lies by Olivia Lewin

Pack of Lies by Olivia Lewin

Havoc Killed her Alpha by Marie MacKay

Never again will I be that little girl who dreamed of a pack to sweep her off her feet…

I’m the omega who killed my alpha.

The day I found my mates, I thought I’d found my home at last. Instead, I was kept from them and left to suffer. For months I clung to scraps of information, and I fell in love with each of them… Angel, Kai, Caspian and Bane.

But when my worst nightmare came, I faced it alone.

Found beside my alphas body, my pack has claimed me at last. But they’re too late. Now I’m trapped in their home with them. My mates. But there’s no happily ever after, because it won’t matter to them if I had a choice or not. The man I killed was their pack brother, and they hate me for what I’ve done.

And it’s up to these four men to decide my fate…

Havoc Killed her Alpha by Marie MacKay

Havoc Killed her Alpha by Marie MacKay

Knot a Tie by Eve Newton

Being snatched off the street should be scary, right? Wrong!

I’m an omega with a strong instinct to make the best of a bad situation. Armed with my designer handbag full of junk and the brooding, hot alpha who’s crossed over to my side, he ensures my safety by handing me over to his estranged brother’s pack. I quickly learn I can trust them when they make a generous gesture.

But I’m knot a tie between brothers, and I’ll make sure this situation works in my favour.

A lighthearted, fun, romantic read with a loyal omega and her pack of adoring alphas.

Knot a Tie by Eve Newton

Knot a Tie by Eve Newton

Princess or Knot by M.P. Starkweather

Tragedy chased me away. Trickery brought me home. My omega order now leaves me at the mercy of an affluent family my parents sold me to.

Damn an omega’s lack of rights.

After my new ‘owner’ tries to assault me in public, the crowned prince, Drake Brighton, and the reason I ran away, comes to my rescue. Somehow his ridiculous claim of me being his wife saves me from an unimaginable future.

Now, my childhood dreams seem to be coming true. Growing up with the Brighton boys, I had wanted nothing more than to be their omega. After all, I’d been in love with them since our pretend wedding when we were kids.

If only an omega could truly get her happily ever after. It’s nearly impossible, especially when I’m in love with royalty and long-buried secrets threaten my dream life. Not to mention an assassination and budding wars. Now I must decide if love and the life I’ve always wanted are worth fighting for, and if I can forgive those who’ve wronged me. The cost just might be too great.

Princess or Knot by M.P. Starkweather

Princess or Knot by M.P. Starkweather

Fated by Kaylin Peyerk

“Fated pair are dangerous, often having more drawbacks than rewards. A love so monumental it consumes you.”

Not only are fated pair rare, but the connection holds disastrous consequences.

Royce understands that with terrible clarity. As a recently ascended dominant alpha, he’s struggling to control the urges pulling him toward Faye like a noose around the neck. Not only that but as the sole successor to his father’s multi-billion dollar enterprise, the weight of expectation is overwhelming.

Omegas relinquish their sense of self for fated love, but Faye has no interest in losing her autonomy.

Determined to continue her father’s suppressant research, Faye is hellbent on making the world a better place for struggling dominant omegas. To accomplish that goal, nothing and no one can cloud her judgment, thus, avoiding the looming idea of mating her childhood best friend was the only option left.

Can they live up to every dream they hold while making those around them happy?

Fated by Kaylin Peyerk

Fated by Kaylin Peyerk

Most, if not all, of these titles, are available for your binging pleasure via Kindle Unlimited. I do hope you try out FATED, my brand-new slow-burn omegaverse romance with suspense, found family, and childhood friends to lovers!

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Kaylin Peyerk is a lover of badass fantasy heroines and the sexy men who love them. When she’s not crouched over the computer like a gremlin, you can find her curled up in a nest of blankets with a well-loved book, her two corgis Link & Gannon, and a steaming cup of hot cocoa…

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