Your Friday Reading List – 11/30/18

Delphinium, or A Necromancer's Home V. M. Jaskiernia $0.99 Lady Elizabeth Anne does not know about the dark magic her beloved practices, and he has no intent to tell her. ...

Your Thursday Reading List – 11/29/18

Behesians Isaiyan Morrison $1.99 From tragedy comes destiny. Cassidy is a 17-year-old girl being raised by her father in San Diego, California. Her existence is a mixed blessing, full of ...

Your Wednesday Reading List – 11/28/18

Fate's Fables Box Set Collection: One Girl's Journey Through 8 Unfortunate Fairy Tales T. Rae Mitchell $0.99 Fate can hardly tell what's real and what's not. She’s been spelled and ...

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Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/12/18

Blessed Fury C.S. Wilde $0.99 Once you face the devils, there’s no going back. Guardian angel Ava Lightway has spent a century watching over her charges, whispering the words of the gods in their ears. But her peaceful existence ends when she’s assigned to Liam Striker, a supernatural detective with no memory of his past. […]

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Your Tuesday Reading List – 12/11/18

Kissed by a Demon Hallie Goodway $0.99 Demons. Her dad hates them. After all, it was demons who killed her mom. But then, why is she falling in love with one? Seventeen-year-old Samantha Watcher hasn’t been anywhere beyond their house. She is kept locked in by her dad ever since she remembers and she doesn’t […]

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Your Monday Reading List – 12/10/18

Stone Obsession Julie Morgan $0.99 Dark magic doesn’t die easily. Luckily, neither does she. In a world racing toward extinction, the Siren Amaryah fights for survival. Under the plagued waters of Antarctica, she faces sea creatures mutated into predators by an old, dark magic. The frozen lands above are riddled with danger, as well, where […]

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Your Friday Reading List – 12/7/18

Dragon Xmas Miracle Maia Starr $0.99 Little does she know, Amelia is about to get a snarling hunky dragon shifter for Christmas! Amelia is determined to get away from the horrible wolf shifter that duped her, captured her, and impregnated her with its spawn. But it isn’t so easy once she is on the road […]

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Your Thursday Reading List – 12/6/18

Bored To Death Amanda Linehan $0.99 Vic (short for Victoria) is a vampire. She’s spent the last three hundred years reading, hunting humans, eating at trendy restaurants, seducing men, drinking bourbon, hanging out with her pal Lola, and quenching her thirst for blood. One night while hunting, she is approached by a strange, but oddly […]

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Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/5/18

The Last Vampire: Book One R. A. Steffan $0.99 There’s a smokin’ hot dead guy locked in my garden shed. That part’s bad enough. But now, he’s trying to get out. Growing up, my father always told me that I’d come to a bad end, just like my mom did when I was a kid. […]

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Your Tuesday Reading List – 12/4/18

The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Omnibus One Michael Anderle $0.99 Save that MONEY and buy the Boxed Set of The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone books 1 – 6 (Including Feared By Hell, Rejected By Heaven, Eye For an Eye, Bring The Pain, She Is The Widow Maker, and When Angels Cry.) Feared By Hell You never mess […]

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Your Monday Reading List – 12/3/18

Finders Keepers PG Forte $3.99 Sometimes finding what you want is the easy part. Caleb is a bionic soldier with little-to-no memory of his past. Aldo’s an undercover cop who’s searching for the man who got away. Then there’s Sally, an ER physician who used to be married to Aldo’s late partner, Davis. Sally’s just looking […]

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Your Tuesday Reading List – 11/27/18

Vampire’s Faith (Dark Protectors Book 8) Rebecca Zanetti $0.99 The Dark Protectors are Back! Vampire Ronan Kayrs wasn’t supposed to survive the savage sacrifice he willingly endured to rid the world of the ultimate evil. He wasn’t supposed to emerge in this time and place, and he sure as hell wasn’t supposed to finally touch the […]

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Your Monday Reading List – 11/26/18

Keeper of Hell’s Island Joy Spraycar $2.99 How can you escape a living hell when God is the one who put you there? YOU DON’T! Despite his role as Chaplain and Keeper of Hell’s Island, Tavin finds his faith lacking as friends and family members have died horrible deaths. Instead of finding solace in his […]

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