Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/17/17

Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance Multi Author Boxset $0.99 Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination… 21 award-winning and ...

Your Monday Reading List – 10/16/17

Tajael (Fallen Angels 1) – Paranormal Romance Alisa Woods $0.99 BRAND NEW SERIES FROM BESTSELLING AUTHOR ALISA WOODS! All is not well in the Immortal Realms. A war brews between ...

Must Read Author – Adelia Burke

The Perfect Match $0.99 An unsuspecting college student is inadvertently thrust into the paparazzi spotlight when a country music star mingles at a local karaoke club. After an unexpected photo ...

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10 Alluring Books About Demons

Everyone has a dark side, and the hotties in this book will have you wanting to release your inner demon. Here are our favorite books with the hottest demons.   #10 Demons Like It Hot – Sidney Ayers            Demons Like It Hot will leave you weak at the knees. With angels, succubi, imps, and demons galore […]

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8 Tempting Books About Witches

Witches come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, and powers. Their powers can be hidden or hard to control. But their stories are to die for. These are our favorite spellbinding books to get you hooked on the genre.   #8 Dance Upon The Air – Nora Roberts After seeking refuge from her abusive ex on […]

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9 Tempting Paranormal Romance Novels By Gena Showalter

From vampire, to weredragons, to shapeshifters galore, Gena Showalter has it all. He romance books will have you turning the pages so fast and you will be begging for more. These are our favorite books by Gena Showalter.    #9 Lord Of The Vampires    Crazy, hot vampires! Nicolai is seriously possessive over Jane, although he […]

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Must Read Author – Lyz Kelley

The Elkridge Series is a puzzle. In book 1, BLINDED, Sheriff Sam is murdered. Clues are dropped in each stand-alone love story. Solving the crime will not be easy. In book 6, Rescued, all is revealed. If readers like sensual romances, with deep emotional topics, threads of suspense, and a happy-ever-after then BLINDED, a stand-alone […]

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Your Friday Reading List – 10/13/17

Draekon Heart Lee Savino $2.99 There’s way of the prison planet. But I don’t want to go. Back on Earth is a man who wants to kill me. Here, I feel safe. Because Mike isn’t here. And because the dragon shifters are. But I’ve sworn off guys. No matter how hot they are. No matter […]

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Your Thursday Reading List – 10/12/17

Loving a Deathseer Mel Dunay $0.99 As a servant, Erno spends his days rushing around while his wealthy employers barked orders at him. By night, he cases out his employers’ homes and sells the information to his burglar friends. He has only three rules: don’t get close to anyone, don’t let anyone get hurt, and […]

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Your Wednesday Reading List – 10/11/17

Absolute Surrender Georgia Lyn Hunter $0.99 Born in the flames of Heaven’s wrath, he’s all things sinful and too dangerous to love. An immortal Guardian of the human race, Aethan has walked alone for millennia, trapped in a hell of his own. Until a feisty mortal crosses his path. A female he shouldn’t even look […]

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Your Tuesday Reading List – 10/10/17

Fighting the Lies Anna Edwards $0.99 The cage door closes on Emma Bryant’s freedom after she is arrested for a brutal murder that she did not commit. The tough-talking lioness knows the penalty she faces is death. Can she repel all of the lies in order to survive? Scott Frazier is always the joker. Beneath […]

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Your Monday Reading List – 10/9/17

Renall Celeste Raye $0.99 Clara Waters is aboard a supposed brideship headed to a planet far from her home world, it’s her punishment for being a carder and carrying currency on a world ruled by an oppressive and dangerous government that often lets its poor citizens starve. The ship is taken over by wreckers headed […]

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10 Binge Worthy Paranormal Romance Novels About Vampires

From Twilight to Dracula, vampire books capture your attention from the first line on. Whether it be broody men or vampire hunters, there is never enough. These are our top 10 vampire books to keep you satisfied.   #10 Escape – Kenya Wright Brie is on the run from the vampire king and needs Samuel […]

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