Your Thursday Reading List – 2/23/17

Damnation by Anna Lowe $0.99 Voted BEST SHIFTER BOOK 2016 by Reality Bites Magazine! He hasn’t forgotten her, and she sure hasn’t forgiven him. Jessica Macks is a she-wolf on ...

Your Wednesday Reading List – 2/22/17

Pick Your Potion by CC Dragon $0.99 Reg. Price: 2.99 Gypsies, vamps, and weres…these are just some of the people powerful witch Claudia Crestwood and her friends protect. In the ...

Your Tuesday Reading List – 2/21/17

Ghosts of Witches Past (Witches of Tower Hill, Book 1) by Corinne O’Flynn $0.99 Reg. Price: 3.99 Seventeen-year-old Wavy McClintock is a witch with the rare ability to see ghosts. ...

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Your Monday Reading List – 2/20/17

Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier (Pyper Rayne, Book 1) by Deanna Chase $0.99 Reg. Price: 3.99 All Pyper Rayne—medium and coffee shop owner—wanted was the perfect vintage dress. What she got was a dead shop owner and a sexy ghost who’s suddenly everywhere—at her shop, in her car, and even lounging in her bedroom. […]

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Must Read Author – Elisabeth Grace

HOOK (The Duplicity Duet #1) FREE Reg. Price: 2.99 Women loathed me without even knowing my name. Men coveted the very idea of me. Escort. Call girl. Prostitute. Hooker. Wh*re. I’d heard it all. Done it all. Over the years I’d felt a lot of things about my occupation…but not regret–never regret. I had my […]

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Your Friday Reading List – 2/17/17

Shadow Sight (Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective #1) by E.J. Stevens $0.99 Reg. Price: 3.99 Welcome to Harborsmouth, where monsters walk the streets unseen by humans…except those with second sight, like Ivy Granger. Some things are best left unseen… Ivy Granger’s second sight is finally giving her life purpose. Ivy and her best friend Jinx may […]

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Your Thursday Reading List – 2/16/17

Princess Dracula by John Patrick Kennedy $2.99 All power comes at a price… Ruxandra learned everything she knows while growing up in a convent. Training to be the perfect nobleman’s wife, she relishes the prospect of a simple life. But everything changes when her father, Vlad Dracula, retrieves her on her eighteenth birthday. Securing her […]

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Your Wednesday Reading List – 2/15/17

The King’s Fire by Leilani Love $0.99 Reg. Price: 3.99 The moment Aithne’s mother told her that her sister had been captured by the infamous Vampire, King Lazzaro—she should have known it was a trap. In order to get her sister back, she is given one simple, but dangerous task. She has to capture a […]

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Your Tuesday Reading List – 2/14/17

Absolute Surrender by Georgia Lyn Hunter $0.99 Reg. Price: 2.99 Born in the flames of Heaven’s wrath, he’s all things sinful and too dangerous to love. An immortal Guardian, Aethan has walked alone for millennia, trapped in a hell of his own. Until a feisty mortal crosses his path. A female he shouldn’t even look […]

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Your Monday Reading List – 2/13/17

I Bring the Fire Parts I, II, III, & In the Balance (A Loki Series) by C. Gockel $0.99 Reg. Price: 7.99 Sometimes the hero is the wrong guy at the right time. When Amy Lewis prays for a savior, Loki Norse God of Mischief and Chaos isn’t who she has in mind. Loki can’t […]

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Must Read Author – Alma Black

Shifter Date: Must Love Lions $0.99 Once you go shifter, you never go back… Alexis Parrish is very single. Sassy and smart, she’s great at her job as a journalist, but it’s never given her the time to find the right man–specifically, a human. So when she gets assigned to interview Max, a lion shifter, […]

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Your Friday Reading List – 2/10/17

Falling Dark by Christine Pope $0.99 Reg. Price: 3.99 Everything changed the day she died… Ever since a car accident nearly ended her life, Serena Quinn has been plagued by visions she can’t control. To cope with the fear of having them take over her life, she withdraws completely, isolating herself from society. But when she’s attacked by […]

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Your Thursday Reading List – 2/9/17

Collide by Michelle Madow $0.99 Reg. Price: $2.99 I should have died when I was shot at the Halloween dance. Instead I woke up—one week earlier, in a parallel universe where my mom’s fatal car accident six months ago never happened. A world with my mom still in it was all I ever wanted. But […]

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