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Burn: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance Novel

Burn, Joanna Morgan

As part of our Fire and Desire Giveaway, we bring you this excerpt from BURN by Joanna Morgan.   A sexy Fire Elemental on the verge of self-combustion. A human woman with a touch of Water in her blood. A supernatural foe bent on destruction.

“So you control fire, huh.”
They stood—alone, together—in the kitchen of her rental house. The other
soldiers—except Ajax—had finally departed after setting them up and explaining things to her.
It wasn’t uncomfortable, just odd. To be in an enclosed space with a man unlike any
other she’d ever met. One she…liked. And after the flurry of activity, the quiet seemed a little
tense and awkward, which is what led to her ice-breaking question.
He rubbed his neck. “Yeah. And I can summon it.”
She leaned against the counter, arms crossed. Pretty calm, considering. She didn’t
want to think about everything she’d learned right now, because it was simply too much.
Nothing was the same as it had been a few days ago. And everything was getting
She blew out a breath that lifted her bangs. “So you’re an alien that can only control
He looked away, flexing his shoulders as if they felt stiff.
“Will you show me?” she asked quietly, her arms crossed in a protective gesture.
“You’ve seen it a few times now,” he replied.
“I know. Even so, I’m having a hard time believing it. It sounds so…insane. I’m still
wondering if I went crazy after the fire.”
Or died in it.
His eyes landed on the teakettle on the stove behind her.
He stopped suddenly and spun like a gunfighter. “Pow,” he said, his fingers pointed at
the stove.

She turned haltingly to peek behind her. A small, cheerful flame burned under her
teakettle. She looked back at him, blinking owlishly. One eyebrow cocked. Voice flat, she said,
“Seriously? You lit the stove.”
Both eyebrows went up. A guy who could control and make fire, and he just lit the
burner. Handy, maybe, if they ever stopped working on their own.
“Hmm. Okay, umm…”
Levi huffed. “Not impressed?”
She gave a half shrug. “I was kind of hoping you could show me something a little
more…” Gesturing with her hands, she tipped her head to one side. “I don’t know.
He studied her for a moment, and she was sure he could see the nervousness she felt.
Slowly, he held up and opened his palm. A little, blueish flame appeared there,
flickering like a candle. Expression incredulous, she walked over to him. He held his hand still
as she studied it from several angles, even underneath.
“Wow.” It wasn’t big or bright, but it had come from him.
He brought up his other hand and bounced the flame from palm to palm like a ball.
Then he engulfed one entire hand, and took it down again to a single center flame again.
“Okay,” she said, “that’s cool.”
He grinned at her, juggling it again. She almost rolled her eyes at how proud he
seemed, but at least she didn’t feel as nervous anymore.
“Give me your hand,” he said quietly. Hesitant, she held it out, palm up, mirroring his.
He moved in close and cupped it gently in his own. The little blue flame leapt from his
outstretched palm to hers. She flinched, but it hovered warmly, right above her lifeline.

“It doesn’t burn. I mean, it’s warm, but it’s not burning me,” she said, breathless.
“I wouldn’t let it hurt you.” Slowly, the flame divided into two, then four, then six. One
stayed in the middle, and the rest began rotating around it like flickering dancers.
“Amazing,” she whispered, watching the tiny whirling flames. She looked up at him,
smiling in awe.
Her face almost brushed his. She could see the reflection of the lights in his eyes. He
looked at her, not them.
And there was something there. Something sweeter, hotter, than the flames she held in her palm…

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