September Reading Challenge – Here’s What We’re Reading

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Hello, lovely readers!

We’re back with our September pick for ILVN’s 2023 Reading Challenge!

As fall comes barelling toward us, we are sinking into a darker fantasy romance novel. Bite the Woman that Feeds by Penelope Barsetti, a New York Times bestselling author. She usually writes dark romance novels, so as her second foray into fantasy means I’m looking forward to something steamy, saucy, and scary. 

And this book has some hot vibes. I can’t wait for the enemies to lovers connection. Plus, if she can give me a good broken man character who hates everyone but our protagonist…

Um, yes, please!

Check out this description:

Kingsnake only wanted my blood—but now he wants all of me.

A sickness has claimed the kingdoms of men. Everyone is either sick or dying, weak to a curse that has no cure—except for me. I’m immune to this mysterious illness, and I do my best to heal the sick and ease the pain of the dying. I was supposed to marry the Prince of Raventower, but after his father and elder brother succumbed to the sickness, he’s now king—and can only marry someone of his station. He broke all his promises to me—and broke my heart.

Kingsnake, King of Vampires and Lord of Darkness, marches upon our gates and demands a handful of our healthiest citizens. The vampires have always stuck to their lands and never invaded ours, but their lack of food has made them desperate. King Elias not only succumbs to his demands—but he offers me on the condition that Kingsnake never return. The man I loved betrayed me—and will feed me to a monster.

I become a prisoner to the vampire king and witness his cruelty and malice first-hand. I knew I would hate him, but I didn’t know how much I would hate him. The feeling is mutual, because I can feel the emotions of those around me, and his emotions burn with rage anytime he’s in my presence. But the second he tastes my blood everything changes… 

His anger is replaced by an intensity I’ve never felt in my life. It’s so powerful it smothers me until I can’t breathe. His stare is like wildfire, so searing hot it makes my skin melt. I know he wants me—and he wants me more than anyone else ever has. Even the man I loved never wanted me like this…

I would never sleep with a vampire…but Kingsnake is no ordinary vampire.

Honestly, this sounds bingeable—full of tension and lust and angst and danger. I. Am. Here. For. It. It’s been a while since I got to dive into a new vampire world that really grabbed me. So, bring it on, Ms. Barsetti!

The prompt for this one is Nocturnal Creatures. Even if the vampires can venture into the daylight, as some of them can, they are often enough tethered to the dark that it counts for this challenge.

Let’s fill in our nocturnal creatures graphic. I am ready for this new vampire adventure!

We hope you’ll be reading our book club choice this month and join us for the live book discussion on Wednesday, September 27th at 2pm CST over on our ILVN facebook page.

Tag us at @ILoveVampireNovels to share your pick for this month’s reading challenge.

Happy reading!


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