The Nightshade Saga by Evelyn Lederman

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The Nightshade Saga by Evelyn Lederman’s is a New Take On Vampires.

5-Star review – ‘Loved’ “This story draws you in with its words.”

5-Star review ‘Nightshade’ “A grand scale amazing adventure and reality, as you are pulled into a portal with Afton into the bowels of the vampire lair. To find out how her father really is and what he’s done, to change her life forever. But definitely for adults only.”

5-Star Review “A new take on vampires by the author of the Worlds Apart series and it is definitely worth reading

A look into a very different universe from the world of the telepathic residents of the universe explored in the author’s first three books. If you like vampire stories, this one you should not miss.”

To get in on the action with this new take on vampires grab your copy below!


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The Nightshade SagaReg. Price: $3.99

Afton is not like other college freshmen. She drinks blood. Rescued from the horrific Nightshade Universe as a baby, the half-ling Afton is manipulated into returning to the world of her birth, where danger shadows her every move.

Lorenz never expected to have to fulfil the treaty he entered years ago. He is shocked when he sees Afton for the first time. In his eyes, he only sees the beautiful vision she will transform into, rather than the waif who is terribly malnourished. Forced to live-up to the terms of the agreement, he joins with the half vampire, half human daughter of his adversary.

Determined to safeguard his soul mate, Lorenz will do everything in his power to protect her. Will an ancient order dedicated to the purity of vampire blood, succeed in eliminating Afton? Find out what happens when a vampire and a half-ling soul mate come together.

Nightshade: Book One

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Feral Nightshade

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The Nightshade SagaDevastated by her mother’s death, Emma Thorton inked her body with protection and eternity tattoos. Years later, after being pulled through a portal into the Nightshade universe, these markings brought her to the attention of a powerful and deadly vampire. Her only hope is to turn to another vampire who she is inexplicably drawn to.

Frazour lived by the sword when he was mortal, and it was the reason he was converted into a vampire. He lived to kill his adversary and shied away from vampires and humans alike. Frazour is finally about to meet his enemy of a final battle when his focus is distracted by a woman he senses is his mate.

Although Emma was claimed by another vampire, Frazour will sacrifice his life to be with her. Their only hope is that they are true soul mates and will gain the powers to overcome the dangers inherent in the Nightshade universe.

Feral Nightshade: Book Two

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Lethal Nightshade

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The Nightshade SagaMiranda had accepted her ultimate fate to bear a vampire’s half-ling child, but her sister’s bleak future caused them to run. In a world ruled by vampires, the girls’ chances of finding a safe haven are doubtful. She risks everything, including their lives, following a vampire she is inexplicably attracted to.

Sammuel mourned his late wife for three thousand years. But an unexplainable force draws him to a human woman. An impulsive act bonds them together, challenging the oath he made to his long deceased love.

Can Miranda escape her destined future? Will Sammuel be able to let go of his past?

Dare to enter the Nightshade universe in the third book in the Nightshade Saga series.

Lethal Nightshade: Book Three

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About the Author: Evelyn was an avid romance reader who dreamed of re-reading beloved series upon her retirement. When she finally retired, she started to write her own books. She had an adult fantasy series, Worlds Apart; as well as an adult paranormal romance series, Nightshade Saga. She also has a YA scif-fi series, Zaratan Trilogy.

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