Bane’s Choice by Alyssa Day!

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Bane’s Choice by Alyssa Day is like Sons of Anarchy meets True Blood in this sexy new series from New York Times bestseller.

(Vampire Motorcycle Club Book 1)
by NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Alyssa Day

Sons of Anarchy meets True Blood in this sexy new series from New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day.

Bane lost his humanity ages ago. Nothing is more important than protecting his Vampire Motorcycle Club from the death magic invading his territory. The most ancient of vampires, he seeks cold, unfeeling, bloody vengeance…until a frustratingly sexy human doctor is thrust into his path. She tempts Bane to distraction. And distraction is deadly in his world.

Buttoned-up and meticulous Dr. Ryan Sinclair never thought she’d find herself in the mix of a motorcycle club, let alone one full of terrifyingly badass vampires. Or how intrigued she is by their dark and enigmatic leader, who seems balanced on the knife’s edge of killing her…or claiming her.

But Bane’s choice is harder than it seems, because when that danger hits too close to home, he’s forced to choose between her life and everyone else’s…

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Bane's Choice


Excerpt from Bane’s Choice:

Ryan was a firm believer in shoulds and should nots, and so she quite definitely knew she should not be following a vampire down the hall to his bathroom. In fact, nothing about that sentence—or the actual doing of it—existed even in the same universe as Reliable Ryan, the woman who was never the brightest star in the room but could always be counted on to be perfectly dependable and dependably dull.
She’d never had an actual adventure in her life, although her job gave her moments of excitement and fierce satisfaction—saving a life never, ever got old. But a bona fide adventure? No, she’d always left that to other people.
Daring people.
The kind of people who’d be bold enough to, for example, follow a vampire down the hall to his bathroom.
“Is ‘bathroom’ code for ‘the room where you drain the blood from your victims and then climb into your coffin to sleep?’”
He muttered something that sounded like “out of my mind” but kept walking. “No. Bathroom is code for ‘the place where you can take a shower, so my sister quits giving me death glares for being rude to a guest.’”
“I’m a guest? Not an abductee?”
He actually growled in response but said nothing, so she decided to shut up, look around, and see what happened next in this part of the waking dream she seemed to be having. Now—when his back to her—would be a great time to start running.


Meet NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Alyssa Day

Bane's Choice

Alyssa Day is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author with more than a million books sold, including the Vampire Motorcycle Club, Warriors of Poseidon and Cardinal Witches paranormal romance series and the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries paranormal mystery series. Throughout her seventeen-year writing career, she has won many awards for her fiction, which include Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award for outstanding romance fiction, and the RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance Novel of 2012. A former trial lawyer and frequent speaker, Alyssa is also a past president of Romance Writers of America.

Interview with Author of Bane’s Choice, Alyssa Day:

Q: Hi, Alyssa! Please tell me a little about yourself?

AD:  Hello! I’m Alyssa Day. I write paranormal romance, paranormal mysteries, and urban fantasy. I grew up all over the world as an Air Force brat and then married Navy Guy and spent twenty more years traveling. I’ve lived in many different states in the U.S., in the Philippines, Turkey, and Japan.

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

AD:  I’ve always loved everything mythology and ancient history and supernatural. My first series was about the lost continent of Atlantis (not lost at all in my world!), and I never looked back. I’m having a blast writing vampires, shifters, and warlocks in my new series, Vampire Motorcycle Club.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

AD:  BANE’S CHOICE is the story of a 300-year-old vampire who has come to the point where he can feel almost nothing. His world has narrowed down to only a few family members and a single human friend. When that friend, a firefighter, lies dying of burns sustained while saving a child, Bane is determined to save him. But he’s not prepared at all for the stubborn doctor who is completely immune to his magic!

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

AD:  Ryan St. Cloud is like me and like so many women—she often believes that she’s nothing special. Completely ordinary. Someone who never has adventures or a chance to be a little wild. When she learns that vampires exist, she surprises even herself by wanting to know more about their world.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

AD:  The readers! I love talking to readers in person at events (remember when that was a thing? Sigh. I miss events), and online and in my Facebook group. I have the most amazing fans in the world! We talk about books, movies, our pets, life, and the crazy things that make us laugh in dark and difficult times.

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

Thank you for chatting with us, Alyssa!

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