Book Excerpt from Night of the Vampire by L.E. Wilson

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Steamy Series Starter...Deathless Night – Into the Dark – Book One

My name is Killian Rice, and I am a vampire. Come into the Dark by L.E. Wilson, and enter her Deathless Night. A world of immortals with only one weakness: The witches who can destroy us…

Night of the Vampire, LE Wilson

Here’s a sneak peak…

Like a rabbit caught in a briar bush, Lizzy watched me, her expression wary, her eyes on my mouth. Not my mouth. My fangs. It was only then I realized my upper lip was pulled up in a snarl.

“Killian. Please.”

My name on her lips was so sweet I had to momentarily close my eyes.

“Please,” she pleaded. “Don’t.”

I heard Jamal move to stop me and gave up all pretense of appearing human. Faster than she could track, I had her back at the bed, her back against my front, one arm around her to hold her there and the other forcing her bleeding wrist to Kenya’s mouth. “Drink, Kenya.”

Lizzy’s blood dripped onto her parted lips.


Distantly, I heard Jamal pacing near the door uttering curses. But he didn’t dare stop me. Not now. As much as he loved to defy me, he knew as well as I did Kenya wouldn’t make it another hour without blood in her system. Fresh, human blood. Not the animals or bagged shite we’ve been bringing her.

If Lizzy couldn’t save her with magic, she would fucking save her with blood.

I was about to reopen the wound on Lizzy’s wrist to increase the flow when I saw Kenya’s tongue flicker over her bottom lip. “That’s it,” I encouraged. “Drink, Kenya.”

Lizzy’s entire body was shaking against me so hard I felt it all the way to my bones, even as she tried to pry my hand from her waist and pull away. But at least she didn’t scream. She didn’t cry. I tightened my grip, forcing her wrist closer to Kenya’s mouth, blood lust raging through my body as my starved friend finally bared her fangs and latched on.

It had been a while since I’d fed, and watching Kenya drink combined with the sweet scent of Lizzy’s blood was my undoing. Her ass pressed into my hardening cock, made worse with her struggles. With a moan, I licked the drops left on my own lips when I’d bitten her wrist.

Like a drab of strong Irish whiskey it shot through my system, burning my insides with sweet fire, flooding every single one of my cells. A violent shudder wracked me and my low growl filled the room as her lifeblood merged with my own.


With only that tiny taste, the knowledge flooded my mind and soul, as old as time and as fickle as the fates.

This witch had been born for me. Bound by her blood. And I for her.

My eyes darted to Kenya. Her eyelids had fluttered open and she was staring up at me as she drank. One of her hands was fisted in my sweater and the other had a death grip on my arm. I knew what she was feeling. The desperation. The need. The hunger. Because it was the same thing that made my muscles tremble and my throat burn with thirst.

Kenya cried out, the sound muffled by Lizzy’s wrist as I tried to pull it away from her. Frowning, I yanked Lizzy’s arm closer, giving my friend what she needed to live.

No! She is MINE.

“Killian? What’s happening, man?”

Jamal was again on the other side of the bed, watching us carefully. His eyes traveled back and forth between Lizzy, still struggling against me, and Kenya.

I bared my fangs and hissed at him in warning. Lizzy whimpered in my arms, and I pulled her closer against me. Tucking my face into her neck, I breathed in her warm scent before I ran the sharp tip of one fang over the pounding pulse in her throat, drawing a thin line of blood. I tasted her, teasing myself.

Jamal stepped toward us and a deep growl rose up within me as I tracked his movements. He pulled back as stunned realization slowly dawned across his face. “No way.”

Lizzy let out a sound that was something between disbelief and fear as she craned her head around to see my face. “Please,” see begged. “Let me go. I’ll find someone who can help her. I’ll get my aunt.”

Let her go? Ha! No. That wasn’t going to happen. This witch was mine. The one I’d been waiting for. The one I’d longed for without the knowing it until just this very moment. Every instinct inside of me told me so. I was barely hanging onto my sanity watching another vampire feed from her.


Jamal was leaning over Kenya, trying to get my attention. I pulled Lizzy in even closer to my body, away from the other male, then buried my face in her soft hair, shutting him out. She smelled amazing. So fresh. So clean. Hunching over her protectively, I made my way back down to her throat, beyond grateful she’d had the foresight to wear a ponytail. “Acushla,” I whispered against her skin.

My pulse.

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