November Reading Challenge – Here’s What We’re Reading

by | Nov 2, 2023 | 0 comments

Hello, lovely readers!

We’re back with our November pick for ILVN’s 2023 Reading Challenge!

It’s time for the some frost, winter themes. My home town, Syracuse, has gotten its first snow, so it seems fitting. And with all of the creatures we could follow into the cold, we’ve landed on the fae. They do have a Winter Court afterall!

So, we’ve chosen Court of Winter by Krista Street. This is the first in a four-part, enemies to lovers fantasy romance series. Get ready to be transported to a land where the stakes are high, and choices are anything but easy.

Check out this description:

When Ilara’s abducted by the hated crown prince, she’s faced with an impossible choice—enslavement to her nemesis or war for the kingdom.

Being a defective marks me in the eyes of the Solis Fae.

Wingless. Magicless. Weak.

To my kind, I’m nothing—not when strength is needed to survive the perpetual snow and ice that shrouds our northern continent in endless winter.

But I’ve persevered, living a meaningful yet simple life with my sister . . . until the hated Crown Prince of the Winter Court thunders into our village.

Prince Norivun’s massive black wings and potent magic cloud my senses and steal my breath. He’s beautiful yet brutal, so when he whisks me away and locks me in his castle I’m certain my death is tomorrow’s promise.

Yet my end doesn’t come, not when the prince looks at me with hunger in his gaze while revealing the true reason for my abduction.

Now I’m faced with an impossible choice—either join forces with the hated prince who’s robbed me of everything I love or watch our kingdom start a devastating war.

This sounds like my kind of book with a sassy, strong female, some steam, and a brutal, morally gray prince. We’re talking roay intrigue, strife, and TENSION.

The prompt for this one is Winter/Frost, if you couldn’t have already guessed. I’m ready for these icy vibes in prep for the Holiday season. Y’all, I need a little angst and violence to get through all the cheer that comes with this time of year.

Let’s fill in our winter/frost graphic. I am ready for this new, sexy vampire adventure!

We hope you’ll be reading our book club choice this month and join us for the live book discussion on Tuesday, November 28th at 2pm CST over on our ILVN facebook page.

Tag us at @ILoveVampireNovels to share your pick for this month’s reading challenge.

Happy reading!


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